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    OPForum Championship

    How it works?

    It will be a tournament with round system, that will put front to front two characters of One Piece in every round.

    Who decides the winner?

    Everyone who wants to vote, the winner is decided by the votes of the members.

    How this voting works?

    The voting will have two factors:

    Preference - 5 points
    Combat - 3 points


    The winner is the one who obtains more points in the end.

    The vote can't be altered.

    How many times you can vote?

    Only one vote per used. This one vote includes voting in the Preference and Combat factors in the same post.

    The combats happen in specific areas?

    There will be five combat areas, and one will be chosen per combat.

    The 5 combat areas are:

    1. Thousand Sunny
    2. Gyoncorde Plaza
    3. Punk Hazard's Research Facility
    4. Marineford Grounds
    5. Kairoseki Cell

    Who decides the combats and the combat areas for each combat?

    All combats were chosen aleatory on random.org.
    The combat areas, before every combat, will be decided on the same site.


    - The vote only counts if both factors (Preference and Combat) are filled;
    - In case of indecision, you can vote Draw in one of the factors and one point will be given to each character;
    - In the end, if both characters have the same points, the winner is the one with more points in the Preference factor;
    - If you want, you can justify your vote;
    - You can discuss the others choice and opinion.
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