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4th Boku No Hero Academia Popularity Poll Results

Discussion in 'Boku no Hero Academia' started by Marco Polo, Nov 22, 2018.

  1. Marco Polo

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    Dec 8, 2015
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    Source and full list: https://twitter.com/spy_0taku/status/1065634909618937856?s=21

    The 4th My Hero Academia Popularity Poll results are out, and Bakugo has finished first with 16,915 votes. Todoroki came in second with 15,719, and Deku came in third with 8,301.

    The Top 10:

    1. Bakugo (16,915)
    2. Todoroki (15,719)
    3. Midoriya (8,301)
    4. Hawks (3,756)
    5. Kirishima (3,573)
    6. Best Jeanist (2,649)
    7. Yaoyorozu (2,426)
    8. Endeavor (2,420)
    9. Iida (2,394)
    10. All Might (2,278)

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