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Entire One Piece Story Laid Out (Theory)

Discussion in 'One Piece Theories' started by Buggy D. Clown, Jul 6, 2019.

  1. Buggy D. Clown

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    Nov 4, 2017
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    Hey Guys!
    I want you to remember this theory.
    The Inherited Will Theory.
    Also look at the geography of the One Piece world and our World.

    Now what does it have to do with my theory.
    It all starts with patterns with our world.
    The calm belt is practically a doldrum.
    Now what's a doldrum?
    No, you don't beat it and you don't eat it.
    A doldrum is a place where winds don't blow and guess what
    It's near the equator.

    Calm Belt = Doldrum
    Grand Line = Equator

    Now this one
    Magellan circumnavigated the Earth
    Just like how Gol D. Roger did with the One Piece world
    They both searched for a place that could make them rich
    Magellan = Spice Island
    Gol D. Roger = Raftel
    They both died in their primes.

    Next pattern I saw is that the Grand Line and the New World have lots of similarities
    1. Alabasta and Dressrosa
    -There are arcs that both lead to them.
    -The major antagonists of both are former Shichibukais
    -Their underlings have a hierarchy system.
    -They had a temporary ally to join them.

    2. Sky Island and Reverie
    -Both sit atop the One Piece world
    -There is a so called god. Namely Enel and Im-sama

    3. WCI and Water 7/Ennies Lobby
    -They both had to save someone. Namely Sanji and Robin.
    -They had a former enemy to be their ally. Franky and Jinbei

    Now these parts are the interesting ones

    4. Thriller Bark and Wano
    -Kaido was first mentioned in this arc.
    -Remember the samurai Ryuma and his sword? They are the national treasures of the Wano Kingdom
    -Kuma is a shichibukai and so is Moria. Kaido is a Yonko and so is Big Mom.
    -Both Kuma and Big Mom barged in at their respective arcs.
    -This is where the group finally reunited and got their work started.
    -Notice that every crew member is approved by Zoro except one, Sanji. Zoro wasn't there the first time because he was injured and he wasn't there the second time because he split with Luffy and the others.

    Now this is where the main dish is.

    5. Sabaody and ???
    -I believe this is the part where the group will split again. Why?
    Because Luffy will get captured by the marines.
    -This will trigger the ultimate war the one that's been talked about by the narrator at the dressrosa arc
    -We will see the Great Whitebeard War go again but at a much bigger scale.
    -Whitebeard died so who does in this arc. Yes, you guessed it. It's old man Shanks.

    Now this is the similarities between the arcs.

    Lets take a look at the One Piece World again.

    And then remember the Inherited Will Theory.


    What's this??

    The Inherited will Theory has 3 parts and they are correlated to the map. How?
    The Grand Line is the part where Luffy gathers crewmates, he also carried the dreams of all those people who passed away (Whitebeard and Ace included).

    Then the Passage of time part occurred in the Time Skip. It makes sense right?

    And lastly The Inherited will this is where Luffy will end his journey and become the next Pirate king, inheriting Roger's will.

    That's it folks and I really hope you like this theory!​
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  2. Seiryu

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    Mar 17, 2016
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    I don't recall theories mentioning doldrums, so that definitely seems to fit the inspiration for the Calm Belt.

    There's a lot more overlap between major arcs than I thought there were. I truly hope the crew doesn't have to split off for a second training session (that's primarily what Vegapunk is for per my bias). Although I agree that the "main dish" has all of those points, we still need all of the upcoming New World arcs to get to it (each Yonkou war, Elbaf, saving Vegapunk, dealing with the "major decision" from Reverie, etc.

    So maybe part 2 of this theory is the potential parallels between the New World arcs among themselves as well as the other 2/3rds of the series (East Blue and Grand Line).
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  3. GoldenVenus

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    May 7, 2017
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    I don't really think Luffy being captured will be the trigger of the grand war. I mean, I won't even consider him getting caught by the Marine at all (at least not yet). Unless Oda really is going for a different route. Considering that Luffy is the main protagonist and the one that needs to the saving, I think it's quite unlikely to happen.
  4. Marco Polo

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    Dec 8, 2015
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    Luffy getting captured by the Marines is a theory I've seen before, but if it came to be then we can't say he hasn't had it coming - in both WCI and Wano he's been captured due to recklessness. I don't think he's getting any less reckless any time soon either, so it might well happen. Will it be an exact repeat of the Ace situation?

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