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Game of Thrones: Spoilers Ahead!!!

Discussion in 'Media' started by Zeek, Apr 16, 2019.

  1. Zeek

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    Apr 4, 2015
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    So I'm definitely not the first person to do this but I would really like to strike up a discussion about this current season as it airs and talk about the different possibilities. I decided to take a look at the twenty different characters shown sitting on the throne in the promotional posters. I'm grouping them from least likely to rule all the way to my #1 preference.

    Red means I believe they will die before the series ends anyways. Pink means that, after events in the show, they've been eliminated from contention for some reason other than death.

    Not happening, no way, why even pretend like they have a chance:
    • Lord Varys - Look, I know he is extremely intelligent and has ridiculous connections. Unfortunately for him he's the type of guy that hitches his wagon to a leader; he doesn't pull the wagon himself. His inability to have children would likely cause the "wheel" to spin into chaos again once he passed away. Plus, we've already been given enough death flags that I think it's safe to wager Varys doesn't survive this harsh winter. He hasn't been very impressive since following Dany and he serves too similar of a role to Tyrion.
    • Missandei - I think her character arc is all but completed. This season is likely to be filled with death and sadness so the disposable characters should be far from safe. There's no logical explanation I can come up with to justify her sitting on the Iron Throne by the end of the series. She's not a brave warrior, not a brilliant tactician, doesn't have any type of claim, and it would require some awful decisions to land her on the throne.
    • Melisandre - She is too old and too boring to even consider for the throne. Plus, like Varys, she's already foreseen her own death. Her character arc isn't completed yet so I don't picture an early death. Though she helped with the return of Jon, I think she still has some things to do to redeem herself for her immoral decisions.
    • Ser Jorah - I have absolutely no clue what will happen of Jorah and I don't particularly care. He's not a particularly fascinating character and now that his friend-zone with Dany is official he's utterly useless. However, I think it would have been a waste of screen time to cure him of the stoneman disease only to kill him now. Very interested and where he'll end up but I don't think it's dead and he seems to have no aspirations for the throne.
    • Grey Worm - He'll fight, he'll die. No arc for him really, he got laid. The end.
    Could logically happen, but won't or shouldn't
    • Bran Stark- this is both an easy and difficult character to attempt a prediction. He's not taking the Iron Throne; he doesn't want to and his support would be virtually non-existent. He's not dying; he's come too far and taken up too much screen time to kill off a paralyzed boy. Now, he might become incapacitated or changed in some manner but his conscious will remain in some form. I really hope the theories of him becoming the Ice King in some weird time loop isn't correct. I also really hope something snatches him out of his all-knowing weirdness and he can be friendly with his family again; I'd also like if he somehow regained his ability to walk but I don't see it happening since the show is pretty final with it's dismemberment and decisions. The reason he's not in the previous category is because with his wisdom he could rule over the kingdoms and if some tragic things occur he could be the ultimate weapon with his odd abilities. I just don't think that would be a fun or wise narrative decision.
    • Euron Greyjoy - He's positioned himself quite well as we've seen and now Cersei will con him into thinking that he is the baby-daddy. The Golden Company is legitimate but I believe Euron is the type to make bargains and deals he believes he could weasel out of eventually. Simply put, he's pulled too many dick moves to not get some type of comeuppance. I believe Theon will quite gloriously kill this douche.
    • The Hound - I think, based off the love of the fans, The Hound should not only win the Clegane-Bowl but he should also make it out alive. He's awesome and still hasn't really found peace yet. Likely he would kill his brother and end his life happily chilling in some small tribe protecting those around him. He's a good boi deep down. That being said, he doesn't have any type of claim to the throne and no desire towards it either. Theoretically he could end up on the throne as a fan favorite and could be a way to break the wheel by having a commoner of sorts taking the reins. He's almost in the previous category admittedly but I really like him.
    • Sansa Stark - I'm hoping we get a timeskip of sorts because I believe Sansa will continue to rule as the Lord in the North. She will likely have a bunch of children and bring their family back to a more prominent standing and size. She's shown the ability to lead, though I hate her actress and portrayal, and she's unlikely to die since the other Starks don't seem to fit in a leadership position (Jon ain't a Stark people).
    • Theon Greyjoy - He owes a debt that can't ever really be repaid to the Starks. That being said, I believe his death while protecting one of them is about the only way his character can be fully redeemed. Since he let Sansa get raped, I would put my money on him saving her at some point. He saved his sister, no saving the future of the Starks is his next best bet. There is a route, which would take a lot of redemption, where he could use his position and motivation to be a rather level-headed leader of Westeros. It would be one hell of a twist though and again, like Varys, he couldn't produce an heir to his throne (again assuming they'll continue to have rulers based off bloodline moving forward).
    • Tyrion Lannister - If HBO has the manhood to kill Tyrion I'll be floored. He's too much of an author and fan favorite to go anywhere. It would be nice to see him reclaim his status as "the smartest guy in the room" and to be a little more chippy again. There's no way Braun will go through with killing him but it'll make good television. I believe that he'll be left with a responsibility I'll mention later in this post. Him becoming ruler is all but impossible, he has the name but at this point his sister has ruined their reputation beyond repair and he's always been shown as more of a support-role.
    • The Night King - Look, it's incredibly unlikely but it could happen. If we didn't feel like there was a chance then it wouldn't be very exciting. I do think, somehow, he'll be a sympathetic villain when it comes down to it. I think he'll die and the good guys will come out on top but we could be left with hurt feelings; that possibility is quite exciting.
    It would be quite interesting and I wouldn't hate it
    • Arya Stark - She's definitely not dying and we'll get to see her use those sweet murder skills some more. If she took over the Iron Throne it would be in a scenario where almost none of the "good guys" are left standing. I think she is smart enough, strong enough, and she is a Stark. However, she doesn't have the desire and I don't think this would be the best logical route.
    • Brienne of Tarth - Here is an interesting one for me. I don't think it'll happen but she'd be a good choice if you're looking for someone outside of the main houses. Not being shown in the first episode isn't promising though. I think she lives for sure; in fact I think she'd be an excellent candidate to become the leader of the Kingsguard. She's smart, strong, skilled, and pretty flawless morally.
    • Cersei Lannister - Remember when I brought up comeuppance? There's no way Cersei comes out alive; she eliminated that possibility the moment she told Braun to kill both of her brothers. I do believe her child will be born before she dies and then Tyrion will raise the kid and restore the Lannisters to become an honorable and powerful house again; this time they'll do it the right way. Back to Cersei, there just isn't a way anyone can live happily until she is gone; she's going to pay her debts.
    • Daenerys Targaryen - I think she's a brat and not overly likeable. Everytime we forget that she's a little bit of a tyrant the authors quickly remind us. She isn't the hero and really her best use is that she has dragons. When she learns about Jon's actual origins I don't think she's going to take kindly to them. Also, I don't think she is particularly fit to rule. She's naive, not the brightest, impulsive, emotional, demanding, and not too far off from being a Cersei. Some will be sad when she dies, I'll be relieved.
    • Ser Davos - I think he's similar to Brienne. If they really want to find someone with good morals, small family, and a fair leader he could be a possible winner. Unfortunately he is older and I don't think he has much motivation to take the position. He's been a supporter for quite some time.
    • Jaime Lannister - Look, he's cool and all but I don't think he survives the full series. He simply has done too many jacked up things to come back from. A lot of the negative things in the world of Westeros wouldn't have happened without him. I do believe he'll be the one to kill Cersei and, in a way, redeem his family in the process. He's a good guy more or less now but he's just done too many stupid things for the love of his sister. IF he could somehow survive everything, I think he'd make a decent king with the right people around him.
    • Sam Tarly - Personally, his death wouldn't phase me even a little bit. Every second spent with his character feels like a waste of time. How the hell did he stay with the guards and still not lose weight? His relationship with the wilding is kind of cringey. Now his one positive connection, to Jon Snow, is on the rocks. I do think he'll die because he's a wholesome character that represents the importance of wisdom in the series. He'll likely be a valuable council member to whomever is the new ruler.
    Finally, the one true king that I believe in...
    • Jon Snow - Okay so this is far from being a "sexy" pick. I think the guy who has united never before united armies and risen from death is the future of the kingdom. Now he has the rightful claim to the throne (something I don't actually like because the whole point should be that birthright doesn't = ideal leader). Still, he's just such a golden boy in the series. He's too trusting though but that's why I believe he'll have a solid support staff around him by the end of the series. Winterfell really isn't his home anymore and I can't picture him trying to push Sansa out of the way to lead it. If the show wanted to kill Jon off they already had their chance to do it in rather heartbreaking fashion. The best part about Jon winning? He doesn't want to do so. Reluctant leaders are often the best (George Washington) and they're also the kind to avoid becoming power hungry jerks.
    Here's the council I could see helping Jon rule Westeros:

    Arya Stark - rumor, informat, assassin. Think about it, she's like a Varys with insane abilities and killing prowess. She would also be an interesting bridge between societies with Essos. I can't imagine her just going back to a regular ho-hum lifestyle.

    Sam Tarly - Archmaester and advisor. He'll be a G by the end of things. Yay reading!

    Brienne of Tarth - I really think she'd be great as a leader of the Kingsguard

    Tyrion Lannister - He'll bring Casterly Rock back to it's greatness and start rebuilding the Lannister name. I believe a reborn Lannister clan under his leadership could be a great thing. I'm sure he'd be an advisor of some sorts but I'd like for him to mainly be in his kingdom fixing things.

    Bran Stark - I'd like his personality to return and to serve as a guide for Jon in some ways.
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    #2 Chaudfontaine, Apr 19, 2019 at 3:22 PM
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    Agreed that cersei is going to die. On the other hand, if you want to set an example in a story, you just have to punish/shame shame shame her again
  3. Edinbour

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    Nov 11, 2014
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    I've been on the fence about watching it (I've seen a few episodes) but I heard that this will be it's final season so I may have to check it out. I hate binge watching shows that aren't done because having to wait months for new episodes is torture :P

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