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God Hunters CHAPTER 6: The First Year (PART I: The First Day)

Discussion in 'Writer's Corner' started by Behnam, Aug 11, 2018 at 7:25 PM.

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    “A god can't kill another god” it's known as the first rule. The gods who are the most ancient creatures in our world were fighting for billions of years and when they find out they can't kill each other because of that rule, they tried to create creatures for themselves and make their own army to kill other gods. After billions of years and different eras and ages, a great war was there to begin. It was named the 2nd gods' war. When they saw the defect of their creatures in that war, they decided to stop and ally with other gods. They finally had found out that these wars are pointless. To gather, they made a perfect creature. All of them took a pair of that kind and split around the world to train them. Every one of them had a creature to rule on and train them to be their warriors. All of them had a world with people inside of it. Meantime many gods decided to not reveal the truth for most of their people and keep them inside of ignorance. One of those gods was the God who was ruling the earth and its kinds. When people were living their lives, a great army was protecting them from the dangers that were always in this world and were threatening everything and everyone. The perfect creature that was made by all the gods was named “Human” and the chosen ones by their gods who were going to protect their people and their world from danger, were named as those creatures that were a failure at the 2nd gods' war. The real purpose of them that's lost nowadays was killing the other gods. Their name was: “God Hunters”

    God Hunters
    ”People always lie. They lie to keep their reputation, they lie and show hesitation. But they can't lie and change their destination.”

    —The God of Time
    CHAPTER 6: The First Year (PART I: The First Day)

    —Taphe 29, 5325, the underground stages of Gathas. 12 days after the start of the rebellion—

    The ferrous bars of that prison were firm and solid. The floor was cold and rough. The roof was unattainable and dark. A series of small rooms near each other that those solid bars would separate them, were there. Everything was dark and no one could identify anyone's face in there. The Gathas had been known as an academy during all of these years, but the dark side of it was always hidden under it. The traitors, the criminals who are identified as a great threat for the country and citizenry, the enemies of the government and the God have been kept here; nobody could specify the face of a prisoner in there, not even they themselves could see their own face. Some of them even forgot their own face during all of these years. Spending more than hundreds of years would never be easy for anyone; someone would go crazy, some ones would even forget their personality and their own face and appearance. Although everyday they could hear the sound of prison's doors, getting open and closed. New criminals and new traitors were always there to come no matter what. With that much space that Gathas had, there was no problem to hide those criminals under that great tower. Students were studying there for like thousand years, but still no one would ever figure out the dark secret of this academy.

    There was a special prisoner. He had leaned over the wall of his cell. Suddenly, there was a sound that did attract his attention. That sound, which was filled in whole of that place, was always a sign of a new prisoner. He couldn't see anything, but he could hear really well. He then found out that the nearby cell that was so much close to him is going to have a new visitor. During those 12 days he had no one to talk to, since he was always alone and no one was ever close to him in that place.

    When the newcomer was finally there, in the vicinity of his cell, he could hear a voice that was spreading in the air, and it was really beautiful. Was it a song? He didn't know. But he knew that it's coming from that new guy.

    “It lies behind me… my love who's in front of me… the great game… it has begun! The courage and life… enemy… my friend… and now tell me… who does lie behind?”

    With a regular tone and a beautiful voice, it was really pleasant for him to listen to those words. But suddenly after it, he heard that voice again, though this time it wasn't with that regular tone or as beautiful as before. It was like that person is talking to him.

    “Your song… it's familiar for me, have I met you?”

    He was surprised, he didn't know how to answer that question, and also he wasn't even quite sure that the person is talking to him. But then after a short pause, he tried to reply:

    “My song? Also, the darkness of here is just too much to see you, to tell you if I've met you or not.”

    That person but, responded:

    “I see… so this is the dark side of this tricky life.”

    He was confused with that response. He didn't know what that guy is talking about. But when he wanted to reply, there was a sound that was becoming closer and closer to his place. An unknown person with a long black cloak was walking toward his cell. When he was close, both that person near his cell and him could say he's there.

    Finally, darkness was less than before. A torch was in his hands and would make his appearance obvious in that dark place. The light was bothering his eyes, since he hadn't seen much when he was there, during those twelve days. That person's face wasn't quite clear; the hood of that cloak was hiding it to not get revealed.

    But suddenly, the person with that black cloak and torch in his hand, start to smirk and both he and that person could see it. A moment after it, the silence was ready to break:

    “So… shall we begin?”

    —Thith 18, 5324, the room number 110, 66th stage of Gathas, 12 days before the start of the educational year and 179 days before the start of the rebellion—

    His anger was forcing him to make quick decisions without thinking about them. But still he somehow managed to find his room after more than one hour of searching around. He knew that how much that place was huge, numerous halls and rooms inside of thousands of stages, was just too huge to even imagine. When he was there, in his dorm, he just tried to lie on his bed.

    “Oh my god… What am I doing...?” he said to himself.

    Suddenly, he could hear a sound. Someone was knocking the door again. But when he was going to take that card and open the door, and see who's there, the sound abruptly stopped. He was there to open that door, but when he did, there was no one behind the door. He stepped forward to look at the corridor, he couldn't see anyone. But, a small package was on the ground. He began to bend, and get it with his hand. When he did so, he tried to go back to his room. Nothing was written on the package, he didn't know who just put it there, behind the door and did run away. But still he tried to rip the paper to figure what's inside of that package. After doing that, he could see the contents of it. There were just some papers. He then tried to take them and see what's written on them.

    “We demand that students try to respect the rules and be present in the classes at the required times. Having the formal clothes is necessary, and please don't use any other clothes during the classes. Discipline is the most important thing, and we expect that the students try to remain loyal to the rules and any other necessary matter. Because of the huge amount of students in Gathas, we make different groups and for everyone there'll be a different schedule during the year. Tamas Amyntas, your group number is 241. Please be present during the following hours in the required classes. May you be an honor for our academy in the future.”

    Tamas then, started to see what's written below that text. There was a schedule for classes during the year. He was reading them and some names were familiar for him, Mathematics, Physics, History and Geography, though some other names like: Creation and Rule were new for him. He then remembered those seven books, and turned his head around to look at them.

    “I see…” he mumbled.

    When he had read all of those texts, there were some other papers that were identifying some other plans that he must be aware of them, the price of foods in dining hall, events and competitions during this year, and some other matters that would be important, and necessary to mention to students. Also, there was a map for 66th stage on one of those papers. It was really useful, since anyone would get lost in this huge stage.

    “Well,” Tamas sighed, “I think it was not as awful as I thought.”

    He then wasn't worry as much as he was before. The only anxiety of him was the volume of those books. He tried to go and check them with more attention. All of them, with exception were written by only one person and that name was always below the title of those books:

    “A. C. Laus-Saint”

    —Thith 18, 5324, the dining hall, 66th stage of Gathas, 12 days before the start of the educational year and 179 days before the start of the rebellion—

    He took one of those dishes, like all those other people, he started to fill it with different and delicious drinks and foods that were in his way. Meats, vegetables, edible mushrooms, rice, cheeses and any kind of luscious meals that you can imagine was stored in those specific places and all of students could pick anything they want. It was like a pleasant dream, the heavenly drinks and royal meals would always make him feel like a king. When his dish was full, he stopped and tried to go and sit on one of those chairs in middle of the hall. When he did so, he put the dish on the table, and began to enjoy his meal, though still he didn't know what to pick from all those foods. He started with the steak, followed by a delicious grape whine to bring it down.

    “It's really amazing!” Tamas thought.

    He had picked many foods while he was picking them up; it was his first time to see this much of drinks and meats in one place, and the moment he tasted them, he understood that they are not just delicious in look.

    After a certain time, he succeeded in finishing all of those foods and drinks that he'd picked up, though he was completely full with that meal.

    “Oh my god… I truly feel I'm in the heaven!” Tamas sighed.

    When he wanted to stand up and leave there, to follow some of his plans in his own room, he heard someone's voice; simultaneously he could see that someone is moving the chair that was near him, toward the back:

    “Hey, young boy!”

    A boy with long blond hairs, short ears and black eyes, with an average build was sat on the chair, which was exactly near Tamas. He was quite tall, like Tamas would look really small compared to him. Tamas wanted to stand up and leave, but this person suddenly was there, and Tamas was surprised because of that. He then tried to reply to that boy, but he started sooner than Tamas:

    “I'm Aaron! What's your name bro?” the boy suddenly said.

    “Ahuh..!! I'm Tamas, nice to meet you!” Tamas responded.

    “Nice name! Are you also a first-year student, Tamas?” Aaron asked.

    “Yea…Yeah, I am! Tamas answered.

    “I see,” Aaron remarked, “what's your group number?” he then asked again.

    “I… I don't remember to be honest.”

    “Oh… I was hoping that our group number would be same, anyway my group number is 241, I hope some of our classes be in the same time and place, see you Tamas!” Aaron said.

    “See you…” Tamas remarked.

    Aaron then took his dish and started to move toward another place, or maybe another person. He was really energetic and talkative, maybe more than enough. At least during that short conversation, Tamas would say that about him.

    —Thith 30, 5324, the room number 110, 66th stage of Gathas, the last day of summer, the day before the start of the classes, and 167 days before the start of the rebellion—

    Tamas was in his dorm, during that time he was trying to read those books that he had, to be much more ready for the upcoming year. From all of them, one of those books had attracted his interest, with an odd font; a text was graved on that large book:

    “The Gifts from Our Ancestors PART 7: Creation and how to use it”

    Because the book was too large, it wasn't really easy to take it in the hand and turn all of those sheets over the other, to read it, hence, Tamas tried to put it on a table that was in the side of the room, and sit on the chair that was near it. He then, tried to continue from where he stopped yesterday:

    “… and therefore the false imaginations which are far away from the reality that your mind can understand are impossible to reach with this method. As it was mentioned above, Creation itself has no limit. The only limit is the unconscious of your mind. It's the only thing that limits your imaginations and won't let you do whatever you like. The only way that your unconscious can ignore the reality, is to train and try to make it much more simple, and therefore much more acceptable for it. With more trainings, your mind will be much more capable to understand that there's no actual limit, and after that, any impossible can become possible. The word ‘impossible’ literally doesn't exist, since Creation is able to do anything, and with using the power of Creation for your own benefit, without doubt, you'll be able to go far beyond impossible. Obviously, for actions that require a higher level of understanding that there's no limit, you need to train more and it make it much more obvious for your mind to understand. The usage range of Creation is literally unlimited. It means you can do anything, without any limit. But when you go further and much further than what your mind can understand, it becomes much harder to train and it would require much more hard work to do. Even if your conscious believes that there's no ‘impossible’, it doesn't necessarily mean that your unconscious also believes so, because it's like a storehouse that all of your thoughts during all of those years until now, are stored there and changing it would require at least the same time, or maybe even more. Saying the phrase ‘I create’ can always help you to focus on what you want, and clear it for your unconscious. Although it's possible to do a Creation without that phrase, but it would be always weaker than what you can do with saying it, no matter what. Further, you can find more explanations about the process of creating things with using the power of Creation…”

    Tamas was reading that book for many hours in that time. He was interested in it, though with all of that, he was still at the 124th page and like another thousand pages was waiting for him to come.

    —Xir 1, 5325, the classroom number 2579, Mathematics Class, 101st stage of Gathas, the first day of educational year and 166 days before the start of the rebellion—

    “And here we are! We're finally here,” that boy with blond hairs said as he was peeking to see inside of the classroom, “it seems we've come a bit soon, no one is here Tamas- boy!”

    “Oh my god… it was awful,” a boy with black hairs said, while he had held a large book near himself, “by the way, thank you for bringing me with you, I'm not still able to do a Creation.”

    “No problem at all! I mean, we're at the same stage, so it wasn't a problem to help you in this case, also I didn't know we're in the same group, what a coincidence! No need to be worry,” the blond boy remarked, “I'll try to help you until you learn how to do it yourself, I mean that's what friends are for.”

    “I don't feel well though… I'm not sure if I'll be able to understand anything in this situation.” Tamas mentioned as he was so much dizzy at the same time.

    “I'm sure you'll be able to do it,” the blond boy said, “for now, let's just sit until teacher and others come.”

    “Alright Aaron…” Tamas replied.

    Both of them then, started to walk toward the end of the class and sit on two of those chairs that were near each other. Over time, more students would enter the class and sit on their chairs, though there was no trace of enthusiasm in their faces. They would just come and sit there, like they are doing it every single day.A new student would never be like that, they would always have energy because of being here for the first time.

    After a while, a tall man with a grey and formal overcoat over that black shirt, started to enter the classroom. All of the students who'd sat on their chairs, started to stand up abruptly, and he also did that. The tall man also had a cane in his right hand and he was stepping forward like a proud person. That twisted beard with those black eyes of him, would give him a special look.

    Suddenly, he stopped in middle of the classroom. He then, looked around to identify those faces in the class, the face of students.

    “I see… so most of you failed in the final exams? Huh,” he said, “I can see so much familiar faces this year, and some new ones.”

    He then turned his eyes toward Aaron who was near Tamas in that moment, he then mentioned:

    “And you're the most familiar one, Mr. Adams! Don't you think that the five years of being a first-year student is enough?”

    Suddenly, most of the students in the class started to laugh aloud. After a minute or more, Aaron touched his blond hairs and then looked at that tall man in the middle of the class. Then, with an ironic tone, he said:

    “You're saying it every year, Professor Robertson!” Aaron then smirked. “Also, why don't you say hello to new boys here!”

    “Oh my god, you're becoming ruder every year!” Prof. Robertson remarked. “By the way, welcome to my class, new students!” he then started to look toward every student who was new in the class, including Tamas.

    He sighed for a moment, and immediately he tried to say something after it:

    “Alright!” he mentioned with a loud tone. “Enough joke for today! Open the 12th page of your book, ‘The Gifts from Our Ancestors PART 1: Mathematics, the basic gift’ and let's start our first lesson!”

    Tamas then began to open the book and go to that page. The name of the first lesson was: “Lesson 1: Calculation according to Information”

    Before going toward the board and starting to write, Prof. Robertson stopped abruptly and again he looked at students.

    “And… for the ones who don't know me yet, I'm Prof. Shannon Robertson, nice to meet all of you!”

    —Xir 5, 5325, the classroom number 1245, Physics Class, 97th stage of Gathas, the 5th day of educational year and 162 days before the start of the rebellion—

    “… and according to the formula, with putting the mentioned numbers in variables, we reach ‘25.8m’ which shows the maximum distance that a user with Rule Force of 3RU and Creation Ability of 2CU, plus the start energy of 68J can shoot each fireballs of Rule Number 876, in Spenta. Also we ignore the Air Resistance, since it doesn't make much difference. Please note that in different worlds, according to difference of materials that can make gravity of that place more or less, the number would be different. So we need to add another factor and variable if we want to reach an accurate number. Right now we use the coefficient of ‘8.256’. But later, in the second-year, we will also add that variable, though right now, no need to know how it works.”

    A man with a green necktie and a white shirt under it, with those blond hairs and yellow beards was stood in the middle of the class, in front of board and he was writing some numbers and formulas on it. Unlike Prof. Robertson, he was quite old and fat. He then, took some papers in his hands, which were on the table, and after that, he started to look at students.

    “And today's class is over! Try to answer those questions from page number 41 until page number 49; it'll help you to become stronger in solving these kinds of questions in the future.”

    And he walked away to quit the class. When Tamas began to look around, he saw Aaron near him who was so confused.

    “What! I still can't understand shit!” Aaron complained. He then was attracted by Tamas' notes that he brought his face closer to see what Tamas had written. “Oh my god, how the fuck are you able to do this?” he asked Tamas.

    “Do what? It's easy!” Tamas replied.

    “Are you kidding me?” Aaron remarked. “I mean, why I am the only one who can't understand anything, even after 5 years! Even you're able to solve these shits.” he then sighed.

    “I'm sure you'll be able to do it eventually!” Tamas responded.

    “Anyway, let's get back to our stage. I'll ask you someday to come in my dorm and explain some lessons to me. That's what friends are for, right?” Aaron said.

    “Yeah!” Tamas answered.

    Then both of them began to get out of the class, and go back to their own stage, of course with the help of Aaron. During that time, Tamas mentioned:

    “By the way, isn't Prof. Scout Woods a bit weird?” Tamas asked.

    “Well… I really don't know, I've just got used to all of them since I'm here for 5 years.” Aaron answered.

    “I see…” Tamas replied.

    —Xir 12, 5325, the classroom number 954, Creation Class, 184th stage of Gathas, the 12nd day of educational year and 155 days before the start of the rebellion—

    Brown hairs with black clothes, short eyebrows and long hairs, and average build of him, was quite attractive, though he had no beard or mustache on his face. He wasn't quite young, or old, it was obvious that he was a middle-aged person. While he was looking at students with those brown eyes of him, he started to ask a question:

    “… now, which one of you knows how we can create non-physical Creations?”

    Suddenly, among all of those students, one of them started to take his right hand up. He then declared: “I know it, professor!”

    “Oh… well then, please tell us how to do it, Tamas!” professor replied.

    “As we already know, the non-physical Creations function differently than physical Creations.” Tamas mentioned. “Creating non-physical Creations straightly is not an appropriate way for doing that, since it requires much more Creation Ability, and much more focus. To make things simple, there's an easier way, but a bit more complicated to do that. First, we imagine the end of our Creation, and the shape that we want it to be, then we have to know about the process of changing that object or whatever else it is, to find a way to imagine it, and change the object's specifications.”

    “It was great! Impressive! Mr. Amyntas!” professor remarked.

    Meanwhile, Aaron who was confused began to mumble:

    “Damn, I just forgot that…”

    Because of professor's admiration, Tamas' self-confidence was much more than before. Professor but, suddenly began to talk and explain:

    “As Tamas explained, that's the best way for creating a non-physical Creation. Let me again explain both of them, non-physical and physical Creations. We call a Creation, ‘physical’ if it's going to literally ‘create’ something. For example, we create foods, objects, machines or anything else straightly with saying the phrase ‘I create’ or without it. In this case, we're actually doing a physical Creation, since we're creating something. But Creation is not limited just in that usage; we can also ‘change’ things, or let's say we literally can ‘do’ anything with anything in the world with using the power of Creation. It has no limit, not at all. And creating a ‘planet’ with that large size or creating a small object, doesn't have any difference, you may think the first Creation is harder, but that's not it. And exactly that ‘thinking’ is making it harder for you. Now let's go back to ‘non-physical’ Creations. As I said, it's the Creation when we don't actually ‘create’ something, but we ‘change’ some current happenings or anything else. For example, we have an object that has a specific velocity, with using the power of Creation we can change the speed of it, and it's exactly a non-physical Creation, since we don’t create, but we ‘change’. Another example is to change the appearance of an object, like if its surface is purple, we can make it red or any other color with using the Creation and it's a non-physical Creation. I know it has a physical aspect, but since most of non-physical Creations don't have a physical aspects, and since the similarity among them is that both of them don't actually create things, but they change them, we also categorize them in the same group. Physical Creations are easier to do than non-physical Creations, since there are two stages for non-physical Creations that should be done, more than physical Creations as we can see. In non-physical Creations and physical Creations, there are some other classifications for themselves, but right now we don't focus on it since our time is limited and the book hasn't mentioned anything about that, it would be too professional to talk about it here…”

    Professor was still talking, though since Aaron couldn't understand anything about it, he wasn't listening to those words any longer, although Tamas was paying attention to them and was trying his best to listen carefully. Aaron but, suddenly started to mumble some words:

    “Prof. Matthew Brown,” he sighed, “this guy talks so much…”

    —Xir 25, 5325, the classroom number 324, Rule Class, 47th stage of Gathas, the 25th day of educational year, and 142 days before the start of the rebellion—

    “Alright, move this object away until it reaches the end of the hall, and then bring it back until it reaches the first place that it was. It’s simple, isn't it?” he paused. “Now… repeat after me!”

    Long white hairs all over his hips, had covered most of his back. Shining blue eyes of him were looking around with a special look hidden inside of them. When he said that, all of the students in the training hall, started to pay attention. A large hall with some stuff for fighting all inside of it, students had been arranged orderly in that place. For all of them, a simple cube which was white had been placed in front of them. Students, who were stood in a specific line, had to move the white cube that was placed in front of them with using the Rule that he would repeat. He but, suddenly started to say aloud: “I rule…”

    A moment later, all of the students tried to repeat: “I rule…”

    “Get it, give it away” he said. Again, all of the students repeated it after him. He then continued: “Flow! Fly! Fry! Fear from the light!”

    Like before, students were repeating every single word of him with a loud tone. After like a minute, he finally said the last sentence, and students tried to say it again like before:

    “Come! Come across the sea, and get out of night!” and with a short pause, they shouted: “Rule Number 941: Hedgehog's Dilemma!

    Some of those cubes didn't budge even an inch; some of them moved a little bit, and some of them were pushed one or two meters away. The man with blue eyes suddenly began to shout:

    “Keep pushing it away until it reaches the end of the hall! Also, when you did so, try to push it back to the first place.” he then added. “The last one, who ends this, will clean the hall during the night! So show what you've got there!”

    Every second that would pass, he was becoming much rougher than before. He had completely a different personality in training hall. During the classes, students would say that he's the kindest teacher in the Gathas, though in training hall, he was quite a different person.

    The students were trying their best to use that Rule and push the object away. With expressing those words as fast as they can. They didn't want to spend all the night cleaning that large hall. Among all of them, Aaron was first, there was like five years that he had been trying his best to qualify, though since he was awful at Mathematics and other lessons, he couldn't do that. He was really adorable in terms of physical strength and especially in using Rules, although he wasn't really impressive in using Creation. It was forbidden to push the white cube with the physical strength; only using the pure force of that Rule was allowed.

    For a second, as Aaron looked behind, he could see Tamas. The distance between them was really little; actually Tamas was really getting closer and closer to him over time.

    “Really impressive!” Aaron smirked. “But I'm not going to lose!”

    In that time, Aaron couldn't hear an answer from Tamas, since the voice of students expressing those words from the Rule, was filling that entire atmosphere and wouldn't let anyone hear anything except those phrases.

    After more than an hour, it was finally over for Tamas. He could succeed as the first one among the others. Aaron could do it a bit later and then joined Tamas who had lain over the ground of hall. Meanwhile, other students were trying their best to end the task and push the white cube back, as they had to listen those insults.

    “I said fast! Do you want to fail in this year's exams too?” professor shouted.

    Suddenly, Tamas began to look at Aaron as he was so much tired in that moment, he then said:

    “Oh my god…” he gasped. “Prof. Hanson Apollodorus has really changed. You were right…”

    “I told you,” Aaron sighed, “I've been here for five years; I know what a beast he is… you haven't seen anything yet, believe me…”

    While Tamas was resting on the ground, his eyes suddenly turned towards Prof. Apollodorus. He could see a tattoo, a bird tattoo on right hand of him. It was really familiar for Tamas; he was trying to find out where he had seen it before, though he couldn't remember. Prof. Hanson was watching students, moving the white cube with their Rule Force, but for a second he began to look at Tamas and Aaron.

    “You two did well… you can go do whatever you like for rest of the day.” he said.

    “Alright, professor!” Aaron replied.

    After that, they left the hall and started to walk to their dorms and rest in there. Professor but, who was absorbed in thinking, tried to think:

    “He's really impressive, doing this much for the first time, it shows his talent. Tamas, huh… interesting, really…”

    —Xir 28, 5325, the classroom number 542, History Class, 57th stage of Gathas, the 28th day of educational year, and 139 days before the start of the rebellion—

    Most of the class was asleep, even Prof. Marcus Turnbull was tired while he had that large book in his hands, and was reading it with a sleepy tone. He was bald, not even one single hair on his head, though his beards were quite long, they would even come over his chest. Round glasses, covering those black eyes of him, and tanned skin of him were special in some way. He was fat, so much. Old enough, for his beards to be white and his skin to be wrinkled. He was neither tall, nor short, just average height, normal build, that was him. The snoring voice was coming from everywhere in the class, even professor himself would fall asleep when he was reading those useless texts, though still somehow he was able to read the book even without looking at it, maybe he had already memorized all of it during those years.

    With that sleepy voice of him, while he was stood in middle of the class, he was reading those texts aloud.

    “… Like twelve billion years after that happening, the second era was there to stop the first one. The war was the only thing that had happened in that part of the history, and billion years of fighting was making the gods tired from that, though still some gods wasn't tired from fighting. There was no way to kill any god according to the First Rule, but still war was always there, even from that time until now…”

    From all of people in the class, only Tamas was interested in those words, he was listening carefully while he was also looking at his book. After like an hour of that boring class, Tamas heard some things that were quite fascinating for him:

    “… but only three of them didn't ally with others, and they absolutely didn't join the World Council. From that moment, even right now, they are the most dangerous enemies of humanity. God of Darkness, God of Shadows, Goddess of Lust and Love, those three with their lethal army, the race that had fought in second Gods' War, are completely unstoppable. Daevas for the God of Darkness, Ahuras for the God of Shadows, and Angles for the Goddess of Lust and Love, these are the beasts that God Hunters are fighting with, the ancient God Hunters against new ones, that's the new era, and we are new!”

    Aaron, who was bored in that time, began to grumble:

    “Ahh… come on, I've heard that more than hundreds of times…”

    Tamas was that much absorbed in those words that he couldn't hear Aaron, but unlike the others, the last thing that Tamas wanted to do in that time, was to sleep.

    —Jair 5, 5325, the classroom number 954, Combat Class, 44th stage of Gathas, the 35th day of educational year, and 132 days before the start of the rebellion—

    “No, he can't do it!”

    “What if he does it?”

    “No one can do it for the first time; everyone fails.”

    “I mean, what if he succeeds?”

    “I told you, it's not possible… no one could ever do it for the first time.”

    “But you know it already, he's really different…”

    “Well… we'll see…”

    Whispers, whispers and whispers, all over in the air, coming from everywhere with only one purpose: “Can he do it?”

    Fear and dread, would make anyone shocked. Those two would cripple even the most powerful and mighty people to not even budge a single inch. No one can face something that much frightening for the first time, and be able to stand on his feet. No one can face that creature and fight with him one-on-one for the first time, just because of one thing: “The Instinct of Humankind, called ‘fear’”

    “But he isn't a real Daeva, I'm sure it's possible for Tamas to do it!”

    “It doesn't make much difference to be honest; Prof. Dominique Krueger is an expert in creating creatures. The Daeva that he makes wouldn't have much difference from real one.”

    “I know I know, but still I believe in him…”

    “I mean, even if he fails, it's not such a big problem, he's talented he can do it for the second time. Why are you that much interested to see him doing this? Diana…”

    “It's nothing Annie; I just think he's really apt, so it's possible…” Diana replied.

    “I see, well… as I said,” Annie remarked, “we're going to see if it goes that way…”

    Diana, a short girl with blonde hairs, and Annie a tall girl with black hairs, those two were whispering about Tamas while they were among all those other students who were spectators of that scene. Aaron was among some black-haired boys and he was also whispering some things in that time.

    The 44th stage is well-known for one single thing, a battleground, and a test for students, before going to Real World and facing a real one. Face the truth, face the fear, and become ready for the real fight!

    “Stay back, all of you! I'm going to create it right now,” Prof. Krueger said, “Tamas are you ready?”

    “I am! Professor!” Tamas answered.

    “Good, others please keep your distance, I'm going to start right now,” she said, “I create…”

    Long red hairs, like a flower in a field, black eyes with that serious look on her face, normal build and a bit tall, formal clothes covering all her white skin; that was how someone would describe Prof. Krueger. It was the only female teacher that Tamas had in that time, all others were males, though still he had seen the mood of all of them. Prof. Krueger was the only one who would never smile, whenever she was summoning students to the training hall, all of them knew that it's not going to be easy. The Combat Class was always hard to endure, and no one would ever expect her to go easy on them. Unlike all those other teachers, she was completely emotionless.

    Students were stood regularly in a circular range. Only Tamas and Prof. Krueger were in the middle and it was like more than ten meters of distance between students and the center. The moment she said that phrase, a series of physical forms started to get shaped. Over time, it ended up with being a hideous creature. Meanwhile, the whispers were becoming more and more with time.

    “So that's how a Daeva looks like…” a boy near Aaron whispered.

    “Yeah, isn't it scary? Or maybe disgusting…” Aaron replied to him.

    Many of those students were failed in the past years; and it was normal since lessons were too hard for most of the people. But because of that, they had seen this creature many times before, though for the new ones, who were spending the first year of themselves in Gathas, for the first time, it was really hard to look at such a disgusting creature. Except that, still that dark skin with some purple lines on it, and those furious red eyes, would scare anyone for the first time. The special thing about it was that nobody would ever see something like this in his life, at least not in that age.

    “Here is you and a Daeva, show me what you have Tamas. I'm here to destroy him if you were going to get hurt, OK?” Prof. Krueger mentioned.

    But Tamas didn't reply. He was stood exactly on that solid ground. Everyone was whispering:

    “See? I told you, he can't even move because of fear…”

    “Yeah you're right; I bet he's pissed his pants.”

    “He has right though, nobody could ever realize the situation and be able to fight. He needs to win against his fear, and even after that, no one can guarantee that he's able to defeat him.”

    “I told you no one can do it for the first time!”

    Suddenly, the hideous beast started to yell madly and fill the atmosphere of the hall with disgust and noise. He then started to run toward Tamas and strike him with his claws. Prof. Krueger was ready to help Tamas if he fails, also all other students were talking about how Tamas is shocked in that moment that he can't even move.

    Everyone was watching that scene, the beast was becoming closer and closer to Tamas, and those eyes were focused on there. But suddenly, the ugly beast stopped his movement. Those eyes were looking for Tamas, but he wasn't there, not anymore. Exactly behind that creature, Tamas was stood firmly on the ground. Everyone was amazed that how he ended up with being there, though some other people would mumble:


    “He's too fast…“


    “Unbelievable, how could he reach this speed?”

    And when everyone was going to realize the situation and talk, the head of the Daeva, started to slowly get cut off, and then, it fell on the ground. The students were that much shocked that they couldn't whisper anymore, those mouths were shut, completely. When the silence was dominating that place, some students began to mumble:


    “Only in the second month, he's able to do something like this.”

    “Is it even possible to do this for the first time?”

    “Maybe it's not his first time…”

    “I don't know, but he's a genius without doubt, also fast!”

    “Huh… Another ‘Genius of Spenta’?”

    —The End—
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