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How all the members of class 1A got into that class despite their powers.

Discussion in 'Boku no Hero Academia' started by James geraghty, Aug 31, 2018.

  1. James geraghty

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    Jun 13, 2018
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    Class 1A has a lot of powerful characters but it also has peoples who quirks are not really combat essential. For example toru who power is that she can turn invisible.
    Now a big question people ask is how did some of these people get into the top class in an exam where they have to destroy robots for points.
    I think the answer is pretty obvious and doesn’t really need to be detailed by the author.

    The entrance exam was simple destroy 3 types of robots for a higher point depending on the robot with a 4th robot that was worth 0 points.
    In the test midoriya was shown to be behind everyone he didn’t score a single point and didn’t have much time. When the 4th robot which was a giant killing machine showed up everyone ran away expert midoriya who noticed uraraka trapped and about to be crushed. Midoriya used his quirk and destroyed the machine. It was later revealed he passed the exam and not only that he made in into the top earning class.
    He passed because despite not scoring a point he risked everything to save uraraka who in return also passed because she ended up saving midoriya when he fell to the earth.

    The exam wasn’t to just destroy the robots but to save other people. That was the true exam.

    Now earlier midoriya let his guard down and auyama ended up saving him from a robot and we ended up not seeing him again till later.

    So the question is how did some of the other characters get in. Some have the ability to control ice and fire, or explosions but some are just invisible or can talk to animals. So the question has been how did they pass and make it to the top class.

    The simple answer is that at one point everyone in class A saved another persons life which gave them an automatic entry to the top class. If midoriya could get into the top class by earning 0 points but saving 1 person then I think this goes for everyone in the class. The excerption is bokugo who didn’t save anyone but his points were so high they could say no to him and gave him the top spot.

    Now for class B with their quirks so far it looks like all their quirks are combat aimed which gives them a head. So I say this was the class that scored the most points but followed the rules too literally and didn’t save anyone. Now what makes them different to bokugo is this.
    In my head let’s say the top earning student for class B scored 20 points that put them on top of the list however bokugo earned let’s say 100 points. You can see a huge difference in scale which is why bokugo made it to number 1 in class A.

    Now the theme of this series is being a real hero.
    With stain the theme was that he killed unworthy heroes but believed all might and midoriya were the exceptions due to their selflessness,
    In the training camp arc midoriya saved that kids life by taking on a insanely powerful enemy risking his life. He stated that despite that kid being a jerk to him and him being outclassed he will not let an civilian be hurt if he can help it.

    In the hero license exam arc the reason why everyone passed was because they worked together.

    At the start of the exam the different classes and schools teamed up but because they were only out for themselves they made several mistakes and towards the end turned on everyone.
    The reason why class A passed was because nearly everyone worked together and their goal was to get everyone to pass.
    Iida for example chose to look for his class mates and make sure they pass even if it meant him running out of time. Auyama chose to distract everyone sacrafing himself so iida could get some scored.

    The theme of this all is that you should be willing to help others and throw away your own ambitions in times of emergency. A hero is someone who doesn’t look out for their own benefits but someone who faces danger to save someone else.

    Every member of class 1A except bokugo for the start showed the ability to look out for others and would do anything they could to help in times of danger.

    That is why class 1A is made up of people who didn’t have the quirks suitable for fighting robots but were still put into the top class room over members of class B

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