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Kaido Originally a Dragon who Eat a devil fruit and became human like. theory

Discussion in 'One Piece Theories' started by SAMINA, Nov 7, 2018.


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    Oct 17, 2018
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    simply put kaido was originally A dragon who eat a devil fruit
    and achivea form similar to that of a Human being.
    (like chopper)
    These recent chapter's 922 and 923 have provided ample
    evidences to my theory.
    There are atleast 4 signs which proves that he is not
    a human but a Dragon probably the last of his kind.
    So let us get in to it!

    According to greek mythology A dragon or a demon (depending
    on translation) roams the earth in search for redemption and
    death. As he was cursed by the old gods for commting
    a sin Against the God.
    We all know how many legends, myths Oda
    has used in One piece so its a very probable he is using a
    greek myth this time.

    According to the legend the dragon was cursed with immortality
    (like cane in BiBle so don't get confused)
    And is now roaming the earth.
    Kaido when he appeared in 922 was the first time he was in dragon
    form but the thing to note, is that he was totally drunk.
    Because he was drunk he probably lost his grip on his human
    form and came out in his original form A Dragon.
    Just like when chopper gets exited he looses his form and reverts
    in his original form a Racoon Dog.

    The second reason why i think he is a dragon is because
    through out one piece since we have heard about kaido
    he was always refered to as the strongest Beast or strongest
    creature alive. He was never refered to as a person or a Human.
    Where as white beard was refered as the strongest human
    kaido was always revered as a strongest creature, by
    all marine and pirates alike.

    the third reason is his appearence, As chopper takes on
    human form he retains some features of his racoon form.
    We can see the left side of kaido's body they seems like
    a scale from a dragon and his horn's both of which
    furthur strengthens the theory. We have seen many other Zoan
    fruit user none of them has Features before they use
    devil's power.

    the fourth and for me the most intresting, for me fact because kaido
    funded ceasear to create artificial dragon shows, his
    inclination towards them and the main DNA that became the
    basis of Dragon reaserch must have came from kaido himself.
    And finally the reason why is is cursed with immortality. And yes he is
    Cursed the reason because i say it's a curse is because
    he is constantly trying to commit sucide show's
    that immortality is not something he wanted but is some thing that
    was forced upon him

    the reason for him being cursed by God's. this is a
    pure speculation but i think kaido was unstable mentally to
    begin with even as a dragon. And in rage he must have killed
    all his fellow dragon's .
    Because of this Sin against his own Kind kaido was forced
    to roam on earth for ever, hence the curse.
    And that might also be the reason thar we have seen him
    crying and in rage when he is drunk.

    This is not a promotional video
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  2. Kia

    Wickedly Wanton Way with Words
    Busoshoku Haki Kenbunshoku Haki Member
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    Jul 23, 2018
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    #2 Kia, Nov 7, 2018
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2018
    First let me say thank you for putting together your thoughts and sharing.

    To which legends are you referring because to my knowledge only the Hydra had a single immortal head. The others have stories of being killed and they all have specific purposes and/or places they lived. Furthermore, daimons/demons were something spiritual as opposed to physical and entirely different in purpose, in my recollection. Please enlighten me. ^_^

    Chopper is not a tanuki; he is a blue nosed reindeer. He makes a big deal about correcting people who call him a tanuki. It’s a running gag. He was shunned by the other reindeer when he was young for his blue nose and then after he ate the Hito Hito no Mi, he tried to join the humans in his other form but was attacked and called a monster. So this point is not valid, unfortunately as his base form is that of a reindeer.

    Perhaps if you stated that he regularly uses a hybrid form and thus reverts back to it. So when Kaido was drunk, in his dragon form, received a bunch of attacks, this was shocked, he reverted back to the hybrid form he regularly used then it would be a better argument with parallels but even still.

    This is more valid.


    Again you’re using an incorrect premise about Chopper here which makes the rest of your arguments seem invalid. The inability to get something this basic correct reflects really poorly on your theory, unfortunately.

    Whereas Kaido did fund Caesar’s SMILE research, I’m pretty sure that Vegapunk is the one who created the artificial dragon devil fruit. As such, we do not know where the lineage factor was sourced from. The options are much broader when we’re talking about Vegapunk than just Caesar.

    That is a very interesting take on the curse/immortality. I never would have thought of it. I do like to think that Kaido is a dragon first and foremost who has eaten a devil fruit. It has been suggested before. The first person that I remember doing so was @Admiral Ryokugyu who said he’d eaten the Oni Oni no Mi. Or maybe that was just my favorite. However, I recall Kin’emon stating that Kaido transforms into a dragon so maybe it’s a mythical zoan? Or perhaps even just doesn’t know any better. He didn’t even know what a devil fruit was, after all.
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  3. gencoloco

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    Jun 9, 2018
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    I also have a theory about this. Kaido is not a human who ate dragon devil fruit or a dragon who ate human devil fruit. He is a dragonman (just like fishman).
  4. Marco Polo

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    Super Moderator YouTube Team
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    Dec 8, 2015
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    interesting theory you have here, you've reminded me I wanted to do a Kaido thread at some point. Personally, I don't think he's a Devil Fruit user (I think someone would have said as much), but I think this idea has a lot of merit

    I never thought about this actually, but that'd be an interesting "quirk", if you can call it that. Though we saw him drunk in an earlier chapter (the one where we found out he'd imprisoned Kidd) and he was in human form. Maybe he needs to get more drunk to completely lose control?

    Also, isn't Chopper's original form the reindeer form?

    Seems reasonable to me, though I'd like to ask you to clarify which form you mean when you're talking about Chopper's human form.

    square up thot.png

    Aside from the fur, he doesn't retain any "reindeer" characteristics. I believe you're referring to his hybrid form, which is the cute chibi one that scores him brownie points in popularity form. That one would naturally retain reindeer characteristics, since it's half-reindeer, half-human.

    If he's got the forms mixed up it still doesn't make that much difference - for all we know, Kaido's "preferred" form may be his hybrid form, in the same way that Chopper's is - meaning we haven't seen his "human" form yet. If that's the case, which it might well be if the dragon form is a DF ability, there's actually no way to say whether he's a "human" who ate a dragon Zoan or a dragon who ate a "human" Zoan.

    In fact, if Kaido's preferred form is his hybrid form, then we could argue that it's more likely that he's a dragon that ate a human fruit - all the human Zoan users we know tend to "prefer" their human forms, only using their Zoan powers in combat, whereas the animals who have gained human qualities stick to their hybrid form as a "medium" between having beneficial human traits such as being able to talk, having thumbs etc, but still retaining their "animal" qualities.

    This is interesting, maybe he wants some dragon buddies as an addition to the DF user army then?

    Okay, I'm personally on the fence about his whole "suicidal" thing because it doesn't add up - if he really was suicidal then he'd just jump in the sea - as a DF user that should be a guaranteed death. In the chapter we meet him, the narrator's voice makes his suicidal tendencies sound more like a hobby and a way of testing his durability than a genuine wish to die.

    Your speculation is interesting though, since Kaido is the only dragon we've seen so far it can't be disproven, and this whole "nobody can kill him" thing may tie into that. We've also seen curses in One Piece - look at Zunisha, for example.

    I get what you're saying and I'm inclined to agree, though I think Kaido's case works a lot differently than the fishman thing. Fishmen are quite clearly half-fish, half-man with no transformation capabilities (unless they eat a DF), whereas Kaido has at least two distinct forms.
  5. Kia

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    Busoshoku Haki Kenbunshoku Haki Member
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    Jul 23, 2018
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    It’s just that she’s got another thing wrong about Chopper and I wasn’t trying to be mean, just offer constructive criticism. I mentioned the hybrid form preference option as well, so I do see that as a possibility. ^_^

    Assuming that the fruit was commissioned by Kaido and Caesar made it which isn’t how it happened, and the premise of him killing off the rest of the dragons was true, that could make sense. ^_^

    Or one of the times he was captured, DNA/lineage factor could have been obtained and Vegapunk could have made the fruit from it then, maybe.

    If he’s an Eastern dragon as is suggested by the weather control then water is his friend. He can hide in it and/or transform into it. Thus he should be able to breathe underwater like Jack can.

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