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Lupin III Part V

Discussion in 'Anime Series' started by Seiryu, May 2, 2018.

  1. Seiryu

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    Mar 17, 2016
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    I have to be honest that I have really high standards for any series that I follow, so the fact that I'm going to vouch for this series should hopefully speak for itself. A lot of the great points that I enjoy in One Piece are prevalent in this series. I will readily admit that the humor is a bit more crude, but that goes with the target audience (Lupin III goes back many decades).

    I definitely wouldn't recommend watching the earlier series, but I am loving the plot for Part V and definitely think it will be enjoyable as a standalone.

    Just some quick background to be able to watch the series: the main character, Lupin III is the world's greatest thief. He was originally a complete goofball, but has been modernized to just be wacky enough to provide comic relief whenever needed (everyone else is super serious). He has all the tricks to seemingly get out of any situation.

    His partners: Jigen Daisuke (essentially the world's greatest gunman) Ishikawa Goemon (the world's greatest swordsman, who is based on a real life Japanese thief) provide the "heavy lifting" to pull off all of their heists. Lupin is always the mastermind, but Lupin only excels at his creativity/wit. Since they've been working together for decades (of real life time), they naturally know each other better than most spouses.

    Inspector Zenigata is the previously main antagonist. He used to be a complete goofball like Lupin, but has slowly been adapted to be hard and unbending law-enforcer that believes in nothing but pure justice (yes just like the Marines). The great thing about this series is the plot has a completely new, and very realistic twist of putting Lupin and his gang against the entire world.

    Part V definitely does not start off slow, and I think a few episodes will catch your attention if you like action with a variety of different emotions woven into a solid plot.


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