One Piece Editors' Comments About Eiichiro Oda Revealed in Jump Festa 2017

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    Currently, Jump Festa 2017 is taking place and it's a great opportunity to hear about One Piece, especially exclusive comments from One Piece editors themselves. Here are some of them:

    Editor Asada
    Oda and I went to a bookshop in Hibarigaoka on the release date of OP volume 1.
    Both of us raised our fists in triumph when we saw a reader bought the volume. After that, we held a meeting. Such an innocent days.

    Editor Habuta
    When I received color spreads from Oda, I always wondered why he had time enough to draw in detail.
    The mystery solved when I saw him drawing a color spread in "Jump Ryu". Oda is incredibly fast at drawing with his pen!!

    Editor Kawashima
    Oda's favorite food is "MEAT". He always bought beef bowls (a bowl of rice topped with cooked beef and onions).
    Even after he stayed up all night, he devoured a beef bowl... I thought he looked exactly like Luffy.

    Editor Onishi
    Oda amazingly finished creating the draft sketches of chapter 498 including the character designs of all Supernovas only in 5 hours!! I thought he is indeed genius.

    Editor Hattori
    I had much trouble working with Oda. For example, he made super-long phone calls and unprecedented demands to me.
    That being said, all of Oda's ideas and actions lead to the big success of OP. I was happy to witness the awesomeness of OP.
    Be sure to look forward to the future story after 20th anniversary!

    Editor Isaka
    I laughed so hard when Oda's current studio was constructed since there is a shark in his restroom. His studio is full of his personality to entertain others.

    Editor Sugita
    Oda loves barbecue. No other mangakas can grill meats better than him! Oda is MEAT MASTER!!
    He is actually a super-wild guy in that sense. No matter how busy he is, our Captain Oda always grills meat and appreciate our effort!
    I'm getting better at lighting a fire thanks to him!

    Translation via sandman@AP.
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    According to the tweet, Takuma Naito (内藤拓真) becomes new OP manga editor and Sugita becomes OP media (excluding manga) editor.


    Naito joined Shueisha in 2013. He has been responsible for Toriko, Gintama and Isobee as an editor.
    He loves Shoujo manga, especially Akane Torikai's (鳥飼茜) manga. He has gained weight 15kg since he joined Shueisha.

    Here is Naito's long interview in 2015.

    [successive ONE PIECE editors]

    Takanori Asada (1997- April 2001)
    Takahiro Habuta (April 2001- February 2005)
    Watanabe (February 2005- October 2006)
    Naoki Kawashima (October 2006- November 2007)
    Kouhei Onishi (November 2007- June 2008)
    Akira Jean-Baptiste Hattori (June 2008- December 2010)
    Takeru Isaka (December 2010- June 2014)
    Suguru Sugita (June 2014- January 2017)
    Takuma Naito (January 2017-)


    Editor Sugita

    Don't know if you want this as a post in it self @Owl

    Source: Sandman AP

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