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OPF Rules

Discussion in 'Forum Announcements' started by Kyros, Nov 17, 2016.

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    #1 Kyros, Nov 17, 2016
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    The main rule is obviously to have fun, but always according to the other rules. The OPForum team wants to make this forum a friendly place, so please, read the above rules and fulfil them:

    1. Quantity is not signal of quality. That said, don't make useless posts that are only considered SPAM.

    2. No advertising. There is only one thread where you can advertise your website, it's in the general lounge. Here is the link.

    3. Good grammar. You don't have to post with an extremely good grammar, but always try to make your post as clear as possible.

    4. When you copy something from another website, like a new theory for example, put the source link in the end of the post. This way you are posting something useful and at the same time you are valorizing the work of the person that wrote the original.

    5. You can't have more than one account. Why would you need more than one account? We have tools to find double accounts, and we will ban them. If you have a brother that would like to register in our forum, for example, and will share your IP address, send a Private Message to the administrators Owl and Cosmos.

    6. No porn. We also don't tolerate images that could be considered offensive or that show intimate parts. The members that don't follow this rule will be banned.

    7. The following are the rules to be followed when using signature.

    We have had some requests to limit the dimensions of signatures, so here they are... New signature rules!


    Maximum width: 520 px
    Maximum height: 250 px
    Maximum filesize: 1 mb
    Maximum number of images: 1 (2 with the spoiler tag, but it's OK to use 2 images outside the spoiler tag if one of them is like an icon or a userbar)

    Here is an example of a signature with the maximum dimensions: (kindly provided by @"RoronoaZoro")


    Signature size

    Maximum height (images + text): 400 px

    You can use the spoiler tag if your signature exceeds this height, but please don't exceed the 700 px mark.
    [spoiler] spoiler [/spoiler]
    These values are not definitive and might change in the future.
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