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OPF's Secret Valentine Gifts

Discussion in 'Cosplay & Misc' started by Chaudfontaine, Feb 14, 2017.


Do you want to know who send out things for who?

  1. yes

    5 vote(s)
  2. no

    3 vote(s)
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  1. Chaudfontaine

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    Feb 24, 2015
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    #1 Chaudfontaine, Feb 14, 2017
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    A lot of people were asking too see which gift was from who. Prepare yourself.
    Some artists/drawers/writers are quite obvious, others aren't! I'll reveal those later.

    Gift for Christina:
    It's maybe not the Valentine Card you wanted, but surely one you deserve!
    xoxo Chaud

    Gift for Marco Polo

    Cupid's note: and a little extra poem from me
    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    The NSFW would be nothing
    without you

    Leaves are green
    Flowers can be pink
    Always remember
    to put your filfty plates
    in the sink

    The pope is purple
    Pikachu is yellow
    I'm fairly convinced
    that you are a good fellow

    Gift for Grin

    Gift for Mugiwara Nakama

    Gift for Betelgeuse
    "To Beepboop Juice: You can chrono my trigger any time. Much love, your secret valentine."

    Because X was fairly late (well not as late as 1 person) I made a backup!

    Gift for Yum
    Here comes Maruko no Entry!

    Dear Yum/Yumo/Mimo,

    I hope you enjoy this here tale of romance. I've picked some accompanying soundtrack for you, since your Secret Valentine said you liked mellow hip-hop. It'll be dotted around in links throughout the story, you can listen in at those points. I haven't timed it or anything so I don't know how well it'll all fit, but hopefully it sets the tone in a nice, artistic kind of way.

    Happy Valentines day, Mimo-kun!

    Your Secret Valentine

    I Got Stoned in a Field and Now I Can’t Remember Anything? The Unfortunate Adventures of Mimo-kun!! ☆

    “If you’re gonna say something like that to me…. At least take responsibility, Mimo-kun….”

    “Wh-what do you mean?”

    “I mean you should kiss me. Right here, right now”


    “Do it, Mimo-kun…”



    “I’m gonna kiss you, alright? Just let me get to-“


    …. Dammit. All a dream, huh? What’s going on…. Where am I again? My head hurt. I look around for a few minutes, still hazy from that dream I just had. I’m in bed, it seems. At home. But wasn’t I just somewhere…. else?

    Never mind that. I feel an angry set of eyes looking at me.

    “Jeez, onii-chan. You always spend the entire morning in bed. I even made you breakfast and everything. It’s all cold now. I still expect you to eat it, though.”

    Who’s that, you ask? That’s my little sister, Gurin-chan. She’s more responsible for things in my life than I’d care to admit. Even though she’s only just started middle school, and I’m a senior in high school, she’s definitely the more mature one. Our parents both have jobs that mean they have to travel a lot, so it’s often just the two of us at home. Gurin often cooks, cleans and washes. I like to help out where I can, but I just end up getting in the way. Let’s put it this way: last time I cooked, she threw up all over the floor. Apparently, she doesn’t like avocado. Who knew.

    “ONII-CHAN! Are you even listening to me?”

    “… Uh, yeah. Sure.”

    “….. Gaaah! You’re always so difficult in the mornings! I’ll tell you again, since I could tell your mind was somewhere else. You need to go to the convenience store and pick up some groceries, since you came in last night and ate everything we had in the kitchen”

    “… I did that?”

    “Don’t act like you don’t remember! You even came in and woke me up and asked for me to cook for you! And I was having such a good dream as well! Anyway, just do it! I don’t wanna see your dumb face until we have food in the fridge again, you hear?”

    And with a puff of the cheeks and a girlish stomp, Gurin-chan was gone. I always felt bad for her, I was so often a nuisance to her. But I’m sure I wasn’t so much a nuisance as to go and wake her up in the middle of the night like that? Come to think of it, when did I even get back here? My memories of what happened before this morning were so hazy. Whatever. It’ll come back somehow. I went to brush my teeth, get dressed and eat the breakfast my little sister had prepared for me.

    As I sat at the breakfast table, I went through my phone for clues. I had a missed call from Gurin at around 1:30am, and two messages, sent this morning. I was about to open them, when the phone started ringing. It was Maruko. Thank God! Maybe he’ll know more about what happened. I pick up the phone:

    “Yooo, Mimo-chin…. How’re you feeling?”

    “Okay I guess, my head kinda hurts though.”

    “Duuude, I’m not surprised, we got pretty messed up last night. Shino-senpai is still throwing up my bathroom! Hahaha!”

    “Could you not speak so loud please, Maruko-san?”

    “Ah yeah, of course, headache. Sorry. Anywaaaay, how did it go?”

    “How did what go?”

    “…You sly dog. She’s there with you right now, isn’t she?”


    “Come onnnnnn man, don’t break my balls like that…. Spill the beans!”

    “Dude, I really have no idea what’s going on right now. I don’t even remember getting home last night”

    “Aah man. That sucks. Anyway, I was gonna ask if you want to come over and chill… We’ve still got some of the good stuff from last night left over… not that you’d remember!”

    “Yeah sure, but I need to go to the convenience store first”

    “Ah, so do I. What a coincidence. I’ll meet you there? I might be able to help you piece stuff together”

    “That’s fine. I’ll see you there.”

    After that conversation ended, some things slowly began to fit back into place. On the walk to the convenience store, with my headphones in, cigarette rolled,I began to go through what I did know. My good friend Maruko and I decided to skip the last day of class, and went to the train station to pick up our childhood friend and former upperclassman, Shino-san, who had come home from college for summer break. The three of us then went to Maruko’s place, and got a little high. After that, Shino went to the liquor store, and came back with…

    Oh no.

    Oh no, oh no, oh no.



    Not even the tobacco could calm me down for the rest of the walk.


    “Oi oi oi! Why are you bringing strangers back to my place, Shino-chin?”

    “She’s a friend from college. I wanted to introduce her to Mimo-kun”

    “And you didn’t bring back a girl to introduce to ME?”

    “I don’t think I could find a girl tolerant enough to deal with a guy as obnoxious as you”

    “Fuck you, dude. Anyway, she totally seems like Mimo-chin’s type. Right, Mimo-chin?”

    “Oi, oi. Earth to Mimo-chiiiiin. Are you just gonna sit there like some good-for-nothing stoner, or are you gonna go up and say hi to her?”

    “Oi. Mimo-chin”

    “Mi-mo chin”

    “MIMO-CHIN! Earth. To. Mimo. Chin. Don’t just blank out on me like that, man, come on!”

    “… Sorry.”

    “Since we met up, you’ve been looking a little distant. What’s up man?”

    “I’ve started to remember some things.”

    “… Hehe. So you remember the girl, then?”

    “I mean, vaguely. It’s kinda coming back. But I can’t quite remember her face.”

    “Duuude, are you kidding me?”


    “Check your photos”


    “Photos. Yours. Check ‘em. Man, you musta been even worse than we were, if you can’t remember how insistent you were that we take pictures for you”

    …Hmm. Maruko was right, I must have been. In fact, I dread to think how bad I was, considering how many memory gaps I had at this point. I opened my phone, swiped to photos. There were a couple of pictures of me, looking drunk as hell, a couple of selfies Maruko took, and then a couple more of him fighting with Shino-senpai in the background. And then…


    I put my head in my hands. How could I forget that face? That smile? That… Everything?

    “Say, Mimo-kun…”

    “What is it?”

    “Shino-senpai has told me so much about you…. I can’t believe we all lived in this same city for so long and we never met…”

    “… M-me too”

    “But I guess fate has a way of bringing us together, right?”





    “MIIIIIMO! Stop spacing out, man!”

    I was then slapped firmly across my cheek. That had to be Shino.

    “You’d better not have done anything bad to my friend, you bastard!”

    “I-I… Don’t remember”


    I was slapped again. On the other cheek, this time.


    Uh oh. I was really in for it now....

    “Hey, hey, calm down, Shino-chin…. He’s had a rough morning, surely you can relate?”

    The smug grin on Maruko’s face was wiped off by yet another Shino slap.

    “Anyway, Mimo-kun. Have you been in touch with her?”

    “With who?”

    “With Fleur, obviously! Don’t tell me you didn’t even exchange numbers with her? You guys were still sitting together in the field when we left”

    “I had to take Shino back cause she passed out!”


    … Fleur. To be honest, I only just remembered her name now. That was it, Fleur…


    Some time ago….

    “… Half French, maybe a little tan… Certainly with short hair. Not too short though, like shoulder length is perfect. A smile that lights up the room, like a rose among thorns. She’d have a bomb taste in music, and wouldn’t mind smoking a blunt or two with us. Artistic, and with enough leg to look good in knee socks. I guess that’s my dream girl. How about you, Maruko?”

    “… Hmm, I dunno. I like big boobs though”


    After further interrogating Shino about Fleur, I managed to get some more information. She was at college with Shino, doing the same course in fact. Her mother was from Paris, and her dad was local to here. When she was younger, her dad took a job in France, meaning she moved there for ten years, only coming back for high school. She went to the school on the opposite end of town, but she would often come to our end of town for nights out.

    After taking all of this in, I decided to ask Shino for her number so I could message her. My hands were shaking as I wrote the text:

    Hey, it’s Mimo. I hope you’re okay right now. If I’m being honest, last night is still very hazy, I can’t really remember too much. So, if I did anything to you that I shouldn’t have, or if I put you in any danger, I’m sorry. If you want, I can always try and make it up to you.”

    I pressed “Send”, and then went to lie down on Maruko’s couch. After what felt like an eternity (which, in reality, was about 4 minutes), I received a response from her:

    Hey Mimo! I’m so glad you managed to get in touch, we totally forgot to exchange numbers or anything. You really helped me last night, you got me home safe and everything… I’m glad you can’t remember some things, since they might be a little embarrassing for me. Anyway, I wanted to say thankyou, so should we meet at the park, like, ASAP? I really want to see you again…

    I stared at my phone, shocked. Maruko peered over my shoulder, smiled, gave me a pat on the back and sent me on my way. On my way out, I heard Shino shouting at him for not letting her read the message. Oh well. I’ll show her later. On to more important things.


    20 minutes later, I reached the park. On the way here, I managed to agree a more specific meeting point with her. On the bench underneath the cherry blossom trees. I guess she must live further away than me, since I got here first. I didn’t mind though. The weather was nice, and the fresh air was eating away at the final remnants of my hangover. I could lie back, close my eyes, and relax.

    While I was waiting, I thought about her, and about the night before. What did she think of me? Was I entertaining? Did I make any crude jokes? Worse, did I say anything to offend her? I hated that my memories of her were so fuzzy. Even though I don’t know what we talked about or what we did, just seeing that picture of her brought back feelings. I didn’t really know how to describe it. I just felt… Warm. I could have fallen asleep there if I'd so wished. Though I would soon be interrupted.

    “E-excuse me? Mimo-kun?”

    I opened my eyes. It was her. If what Shino said was correct, she’s half French. The sun kissed her skin, leaving her a little tanned. She had brown, wavy, shoulder length hair. She wasn’t even smiling, but the shade I’d found on this bench was suddenly a lot less… Well, shady, I guess. I could feel my heart racing, my palms sweating. I was so nervous, dammit. I did my best to respond:

    “Y-yeah, that’s me… Fleur, right?”


    “It’s nice to see you again”

    “It’s nice to see you too”

    “… I feel bad for asking this, but what the hell happened last night?”

    “What’s the last thing you remember?”

    “We were sat in the field behind Maruko and I’s school, drinking wine… We were all pretty drunk already, and I think Maruko was singing… We were sitting next to each other, laughing at him… And then it goes hazy”

    “O-okay, well I can fill you in on the rest if you’d like? Up until we parted ways, that is”

    “Yeah, that’d be awesome, thankyou”

    “Well… Maruko-kun and Shino-san left at around 12:30, and it was just us… We drank the last of the wine Shino-san bought, and talked for a while. Then…”

    Uh oh.

    “Then what?”

    “We were talking about our dating lives, and about how we'd both been unlucky… And then you told me that if you could, you’d be with me… Be-because I’m…”

    I could see her blushing. What was going on?

    “Because you said you thought I was perfect... And it made me happy, because I really liked- Because I really like you…”

    This was almost too much. I could feel myself blushing too.

    “Then we were about to kiss and-“

    And what? And what? Please tell me, Fleur!

    “And then I threw up and you had to take me home! It was so embarrassing, I’m so sorry…”

    WHAT? How unexpected... A little anticlimatic, even.

    “Hey hey, it’s okay! I don’t even remember, so it can’t be that bad”

    “But I feel so guilty! You even looked after me while I was being sick, and then you put me to bed… You were so kind, Mimo-kun… Thankyou. I’m just sorry we never got the chance to…”

    Without her finishing, I knew what she was going to say. Opportunities like this rarely come around. Come on Mimo, play it cool!

    “I wouldn’t say that”

    “Eh?! What do you mean?”

    “If you’re going to say all that stuff to me, at least take responsibility for it.”

    Fleur’s blush suddenly went from light pink to bright red. There was no backing down now.

    “Kiss me.”

    Gift for katching pirates
    Cheer Up

    Don’t let them keep you down.
    Don’t let them give you a scare,
    Make a smile out of that frown.

    Have some fun and hit the town,
    Don’t mind a single glare.
    Don’t let them keep you down.

    It’s okay to be a clown.
    It doesn’t matter if they care,
    Make a smile out of that frown.

    Stay afloat and do not drown,
    You can feel as light as air.
    Don’t let them keep you down.

    You will become well known and renown,
    You will belong somewhere.
    Make a smile out of that frown.

    You deserve to wear a crown,
    You are beyond compare.
    Don’t let them keep you down.
    Make a smile out of that frown.

    Gift for pskcount
    I have for you an album of wonderfull pictures! I'm not going upload them here but just link you to the album!

    Here is the link

    Happy Valentine!

    Gift for Twelve

    Gift for Pacquaino8
    Here's a little present for you
    A poem, and something I drew
    I thought my shabby drawing wouldn't suffice
    So I just came up with all of this!
    It's a story about the great Condoriano and his travels.
    Read here, how this story slowly unravels...

    It all began on the fated day he became part of the marines
    Awesome he was! Although a little stupid by no means..
    The man had decided to take some extreme measures
    For all the pirates are coming after all the treasures.
    As he sets his eye on the strawhats, he sets up his plan
    Whom thought they were invisible, as if some kind of hackerman
    But soon they found out, Condoriano wasn't a normal threat
    Just by a chance, it is, that they had met
    Condoriano, stead his ground, and fought within all his might
    Long it was, but in the end he had won the fight.
    After hearing this, the marines had no choice to give him a promotion
    As after this act, clear it was, his devotion.
    Soon they started to call him Condoriano the Great
    I should stop now, or this story wont stop at any rate..."


    Gift for R1pp3r
    To: R1pp3r-sama

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I hate human beings
    But I'd gladly be a slave for you

    From: Succubus-chan


    Hello R1pp3r!

    I was drawing in the hopes of making Albedo but idk what happened. Let's just say that this is also a succubus and that she would be willing to be your slave. ;)

    Happy Valentine's day!

    -Your Secret Valentine

    Gift for Red
    This is for @Red who is my Valentine, my one and only. I can't actually go on a date with you, so I made this.

    Due to some technical limitations, this "game" is entirely in text format. When you open a choice box, it will direct you to the appropriate continuation for the story. Please make sure you got it right before reading more.


    2:47PM, In front of Jackson's Inn

    You came here to meet with your mystery date. There's a faint smell of daffodils in the air, and you pull on the collar of your jacket. It's actually warmer than you'd thought when you saw the still-melting snow from your window.

    You hear a moderately loud thud from somewhere behind you. You turn around, and find a pair of skinny legs poking out of the snow, waving comically in the air. There's a pair of rather practical-looking boots attached to them, and some dark stockings that lead your eyes into...the pile of snow. Damn it.

    You ask the pair of legs if it's feeling alright.

    There seems to be no reply other than more rapid flailing. Maybe you should do something to help out?


    Choice 1: Grab the pair of legs and pull the person out of the snow.
    Choice 2: Leave them, it's none of your business.
    Choice 3: Uncover just enough snow to see...you know.

    You decided to help the person out because you're a decent human being. You dig a bit of the snow away, and pull them out from their legs. Whoa, surprisingly light!

    What you find before you is a rather scrawny looking girl with short, spiky brown hair and an odd black fur hat of some sort. She's dressed in heavy boots, black stockings, denim shorts and warm looking duffel coat. How did girls survive with only a warm coat and no real pants? Who was she anyway? CONTINUE READING!

    You simply shrugged and went on with your day. Your surprise date never arrived, and the pair of legs eventually stopped flailing around. Maybe they ran out of air? Oh well, time to go home. BAD END 1

    You approached the pile of snow. It only stood to reason that if a girl was wearing stockings, they were also wearing a skirt! And if they were wearing a skirt, then they were also wearing PANTSU! And you wanted to see those, didn't you?
    After some digging, you notice that the mystery person is actually wearing denim shorts. Feeling cheated, you decide not to uncover the rest of their body and go home. Wonder where that surprise date of yours went? BAD END 2

    You good to continue? Let's keep going, then.

    3:01PM, In front of Jackson's Inn

    Having pulled the girl(?) out of the snow, you gave her a look from head to toe. Certainly not dressed for the weather. Though you weren't either. Just at the opposite end of the problem. She was kind of pretty in the mundane neighbor girl kind of way, though.

    "Uhhh...thanks." the girl said, looking at the ground.

    You tell the girl it wasn't that big of a deal.

    "Wow, I was lucky someone was just standing here. I need to find my date, I'm probably late! Oooh, a rhyme!" the girl says, speaking fast like a sports announcer.

    You tell the girl you are also waiting on a date.

    "W-what? It's you? Ahahaha, I must've made a terrible first impression. You see, the broom is kind of-"

    You stop her from rambling more and just wave it off.

    "Oh, right. My name is Green! What's your name?"

    You introduce yourself.

    "Huh? Red? You're that really cool guy everyone talks about? I'm so lucky to be going out with y- HEY, we both have colors as our names! Maybe this was meant to be- n-no, that's kind of forward of me..."

    You sigh. She really can't stop once she gets going, it seems. Maybe this was a bad idea.

    "O-oh, sorry! W-wanna go inside? I'm getting kind of cold..."

    Should you really go with this weird girl?


    Choice 1: Give her an earful. This was a waste of time.
    Choice 2: Compliment her hat.
    Choice 3: Don't say anything.

    You've had just about enough of this neurotic, flat excuse for a girl. You wanted some boobs, damn it! What kind of true love is this supposed to be? You yell at her until she cries and scrambles off. Guess it's another night of watching Netflix and eating chips alone for you. But even that's better than this! BAD END 3

    You compliment the girl's odd-looking fur hat. Girls love it when you notice things, right? This should be real good, right? Surely you've made her very happy?

    "Uh, that's not a hat. That's my...cat." she says, her expression visibly shifting to a less happy one.

    Before you can react, the "hat" unfurls itself into a tiny black cat, and it grins in your way.

    "Hellooo! I'm Yum Yum the cat! Thanks for noticing, I licked my fur especially well today."

    You're kind of dumbfounded by this turn of events, but hey. A cat is fine too. You go inside with the slick-looking cat to talk about music and samurai shampoo, leaving Green by herself. CAT END

    You feel like it's one of those moments when it's best not to say anything, and remain quiet.

    "Silence is a 'yes', right?" Green says, smiling at her apparent wit.

    You walk up to the inn door, and hold it open for her. Guess you might as well get a drink with her since you came all this way. And she did seem to be into you. You had kind of a weak spot for that. CONTINUE READING

    You got it right? Keep reading then!

    3:16PM, In Jackson's Inn (heh)

    Green chose a table next to a window, and sat down. You were about to sit next to her, but quickly made your way to the chair in front of her instead. That's how this worked, right?

    "It's always so warm and toasty in here, but I don't see or hear the fireplace. Isn't that kind off odd?" Green said mostly to herself.

    This coming from the girl with a flying broom. She seemed to have ditched her fur hat somewhere, but that thing didn't look too great on her to begin with. You turn your head around, looking for a waiter. All you could see were some weirdoes with...goat masks?

    "Oh, you've never been here before? There's only those goat people working here. Jackson made them from drawings." Green explained, leaving you with more questions.

    Why were they goats, though? Ah well, they were still waiters, right?

    "I think I'll have some hot chocolate. Though it always burns my tongue. Do you think I could order cold hot chocolate? Or does that sound kind of dumb?" she asked, looking right into your eyes.

    You shrug, unsure of what to say. It seemed more like a rhetorical question to you anyway.

    "Oh, what would you like to have? I'll treat you!" Green said with a big grin.

    You're a bit offput by the offer, but refusing it would probably do more harm than just letting go of your pride. You take a look at the menu.


    Choice 1: Order the same thing as Green.
    Choice 2: Order something cold instead.
    Choice 3: Water.

    "Eh? You want cold hot chocolate too?" Green asked, waving over the goat butler.

    You were thankful she was up to the task of handling those weirdoes. While they did seem to be capable of understanding speech, they still kind of creeped you out. Before you knew it, though, the goat had brought both of you your drinks. Hot chocolate seemed to lose all of its flavor when it was cold, though. CONTINUE READING

    "Eh? In this weather? You sure are a cool cat, Red!" Green said, picking something cold for you.

    You realize you hadn't even looked at the cold drinks available. What if she ordered something you don't like? Eh, you weren't that picky. What could possibly go wrong?

    "Here's your avocado juice, sir." the goat said solemnly.

    Yum. BAD END 4

    "Water you doing?! I said I'd pay for it." Green said with a wide grin.

    You shake your head, saying it's fine. You wouldn't wanna splurge on someone else's account.

    "Water doesn't even cost anything! You can just go outside and melt snow!" Green yelled.

    This really wasn't working out for you. Cheapass. WATER END

    All set? Let's continue!

    3:44PM, Jackson's Innside. Inn's inside. Pffft.

    You recall you'd brought a gift for your date. You start digging through your bag as Green looks at you with expectation.

    "W-what? You got something for little ol' me?" she says, looking bashful.

    You got her a...


    Choice 1: A box of chocolates. You're a traditional man.
    Choice 2: A sharp-looking knife. Where'd this come from...?
    Choice 3: A warm muffler. It's pretty cold outside.

    "C-chocolate? I do like sweet things but..I might get a little fat." Green said, rubbing the back of her neck.

    You assure her that she's not fat at all and, in fact, could probably use another 10kg or so.

    "W-what is wrong with you?" Green said, standing up from the table.

    It looks like your date doesn't agree with your taste. But hey, now you can eat all the chocolates by yourself. BAD END 5

    "W-why do you have that? That's...that's hers, isn't it? Oh my god. Nononono. Oh my god." Green said, her breathing speeding up.

    You weren't sure why your date was panicing over fine cutlery like she did, but maybe you should put it away. Wait, where'd she go?

    From the window you could see a girl on a broom zooming off into the distance. The knife on the table looked more and more ominous to you. You started to feel a strange sensation. As if you wanted to hold it in your hand and make everyone disappear. In the corner of your eye, you thought you caught a glimpse of something pink. KNIFE END

    "Awww that's adorable! It's a bit big for me, though." Green said, wrapping the muffler around her face.

    It looked like she was drowning in all the fluffiness. Your heart skipped a beat or two, but that wasn't a concern anymore. Not with the beaming smile on your date's face. You really nailed it this time. CONTINUE READING

    5:12PM, Jackson's Inn: The same table

    You spent a long while with Green, talking about a multitude of things. You seemed to have a lot in common, surprisingly. Despite your names, you both liked the color blue. You both hated overrated things such as Fairy Tail, Goku from DBZ and random inspirational quotes.

    "Haha, I'm so glad I went out today. You're so much fun to be with, Red!" Green said, leaning on the table as she wiped a tear of laughter from her eye.

    All of a sudden you felt a shadow cast over you. In the corner of your eye you could make out someone standing right next to your table. You turn your head and see a woman wearing a childish-looking panda hoodie. She was sucking on a candy cane, looking rather irritated.

    "While I'm happy to see you do something about your crippling loneliness and fear of people, Green, it's about time you got back to work." the woman said, biting the cane in two.

    Green jumped up from her seat, apologising profusely:

    "Ah shit that's my boss - sorry boss - I have to go! I'll...I'll see you again!" she said, stumbling out of the inn.

    You saw her adjusting the muffler you had bought her, and felt a smile creeping on your face. But like with every good thing, reality was quick to interrupt you in the form of Green's boss tapping on your shoulder:

    "So you're paying for all of this food and drinks for the whole 2 hours then, loverboy?"


    I love you Ash.


    Cupid's note: Since X was fairly late I made a backup myself!

    Gift for Monster3io
    Would you be my valentine?
    Making all my dreams come true
    Cause this is your special day
    I dedicate it to you.

    Roses are red
    violets are blue
    you are my valentine
    and i want to be loved by you.

    You are my Monster
    I am your youngster
    This rose is for you
    lets forge our love together anew.

    Gift for G12
    Hey G12 :) I've not known You much since we had no talks but anyway... looking forward to it ;). You were my match for Secret Valentine :sweatsmile: I did feel sad for bromance but still I wish You a very Happy Valentine ;) and like many others if You too are single... have a Good Sleep since it'd not be anything special to us :sweatsmile: but Yea at least we are celebrating it 'cause of Chaud having hosted this event :).

    And Yea am really so sorry about this i mean I had so less time on my hands and made this up in about 15-20 mins. Sorry again for the low quality and bad Humor if You find so :sweat: but I had this in mind since start and couldn't think of any other thing to give You as a Gift... So again Happy Valentine :blush: Have a Good day See Ya.

    Gift for Miss_SMP
    Mae's Bizzare Adventure's
    Mae is a 23 year old woman that loves Zoro, Torchic, chocolate ice cream, and Kira her best friend (go with it) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) She spent all of her life in the Philippines so she wasn't used to cold temperatures and snow. She decided to visit her friend Kira in Antartica. He was very excited to see her. So in February she booked a flight to Antartica.

    The flight and travelling was long and tiring but her burning desire to see Kira surpassed her tired body. After getting over the flight she seen strange man with green hair with a small bird that was covered in orange feathers. She got a strange vibe from them when she walked pass them she pain a sharp pain in the back of her head and slowly lost consciousness. The man took her to his hidden fortress.

    The fortress wasn't hidden though he just has a hard time finding it due to his terrible sense of direction. He hung from the highest tower in his castle. When she woke up she realized that the man she always admired was evil and that orange bird on his shoulder was none other than the great Torchic. She realized that she was in grave dangerous and Zoro would cut her. It was now midday and there was not a single person in sight. Zoro was sleeping on the couch in his castle while Torchic was fighting wild animals outside the castle to train. She was scared without a shred of hope. But then a miracle happened. Her cell phone rang. Kira was calling her.

    They were friends on Skype and he was worried since he hadn't heard for her all day and she was late. There was a problem she couldn't answer because she was tied up but Zoro heard the phone rang and it woke him up. He went to answer it for her. He spoke to Kira in a stern manner. "Sorry but you won't be seeing your girlfriend" Zoro said. Kira was surprised to hear Zoro answer Mae's phone. "You won't hurt my nakama!" Kira said. Zoro taunted Kira and said "try me". He then proceeded to tell Kira his location so he could kill Kira too. Kira was very furious about Zoro's challenge. So he trained for the rest of the day in order to fight Zoro later.

    He knew it'd be a tough battle but he was determined to save Mae. When the sun began to set Kira grabbed his spear and readied himself for combat. While travelling through the forest he decided to call the police but they ignored him because they didn't believe such a bizarre story. That was when Kira knew he was the only one that could save his precious friend.

    During this time Mae was reflecting back in her life all the opportunities she could've had but didn't take. She looked back on her 3-4 years of studying at university. She worked very hard to earn her degree in mass communication. She was very slothful. Though she enjoyed the thought of sports, her couch potato ways always got in the way of her playtime. She decided that if she were to get through the night she'd let her loved one know that she loved them and she'd do whatever sho wanted to do just like how she was now trying to fulfill her dream of seeing and touching snow in Antartica before Zoro got in the way.

    She thought about Kira and all of the fun times they had together. A tear dropped down her eye. She screamed "Kira come and save me" Kira heard her cry. As he did, he thought back on all the fun times they had together and the beautiful paintings she made for him. By the time he regained his thought there was an angry Blaziken in front of him. That Torchic trained very hard anticipating this battle and evolved twice in one day. Kira had no time for words and the battle begun. Kira was winning in hand to hand combat but Blaziken finally unleashed its fire powers. His moves were devastating. Overwhelming Kira completely leaving him vulnerable to all his attacks.

    Mae was able to see the fight and she called out to him. Kira !! She said and when Kira heard her voice he began burning with passion and attacked Blaziken. His spirit burned so hot even Blaziken's flames no longer hurt him. Kira unlocked haki and used it to hit Blaziken with all his might. His fist turned black as he ran though Blaziken's flames dealing a punch strong enough to blow up the surrounding area. After the fight was over. Kira went to the castle.

    Zoro was there awaiting him with his bandana on already. Kira knew this would be the fight of his life but he had no choice but to fight.

    The final battle commenced, Zoro started off using santoryu right away. Kira fought back with his spear. Sparks flew everywhere and the battle was heated no one was getting the better of the other. Zoro told Kira he was getting bored so Kira use haki on his spear. Zoro seemed interested in Kira's haki they clashed multiple times. Nice haki but that's not good enough said Zoro.

    Kira knew Zoro was right but he had to save his friend. He was in big trouble and knew he'd get defeated so he ran upstairs and went to one of the towers in one of the castles for cover Zoro chased after him. You aren't going anywhere, I have a way to cut you without making my sword touch you Zoro said. Zoro gripped on his swords tightly and flexed his muscles. The is what I call a flying slash, Zoro said. Santoryu: 1080 pound phoenix!! The tower was cut clean on half Kira was seen with a smile on his face and Zoro was surprised to see Kira 's facial reaction.

    Kira charged towards Zoro by jumping from the tower towards Zoro he pierced Zoro in the chest with the blade of his spear coated in Haki. You have spirit but that's not enough Zoro said with the spear. He coated his swords in haki and readied his next attack. Of the nine mountains and the eight seas, there's nothing I can't cut; Santoryu Ougi: Ichidai Sanzen Daisen Sekai!!! He slashed Kira in the chest but Kira coated his chest with haki. Even though it protected him from getting cut in half he still suffered a nasty cut. Blood splattered everywhere as Kira landed Zoro landed beside him he point his sword at Kira's throat. Any last words, said Zoro. Kira couldn't speak because he was coughing blood. But something happened... A bow went straight through Zoro's back and came out of his chest. I guess my archery experience wasn't meant for nothing, said Mae.

    One minute earlier: When Zoro chopped the tower in half while chasing Kira he didn't smile at Zoro because he gave him the opportunity to attacking him but he smiled because his plan worked by allowing Zoro to carelessly cut the restraints he put on Mae without slicing her. It was a big risk but it was one worth taking and it payed off.

    Present time: Zoro drops to the ground. This isn't over he said. Too bad for you but that arrow is coated in a venom that could kill you at any moment now, that's what happens when you mess with my friends said Kat. She then proceeded to give Kira a senzu bean (plot device) ;) and he recovered quite quickly. He got up and complimented Zoro's fighting capabilities before he passed on.

    They buried Zoro and Blaziken prayed over their burial spot then proceeded to go to the middle of Antartica where there was lots of snow for Mae to enjoy. Thanks for coming and save me Mae said. Thank for being my friend said Kira. They proceeded to play in the snow for weeks to come.

    The End

    Moral of the story: I'm happy to have met you. Even though we don't know each other well yet I look forward in getting to become closer to you. We are both great on our own but just like the characters in the story we may become even greater if we work together. If you need me just call on me I'll be there for you and I hope it's the same on your side too. You're a sweet girl and I hope you have a happy Valentine's day xoxoxox :* <3

    If you want something removed/censored/just ask me!

    Xoxo Chaud
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    I hope @AkainuWrrshiprr won't be sad. :( Don't worry I'll give another gift anytime. Don't forget my promise that I'll double the gift.

    PS: Yeah, it's from me.
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    I actually liked it a lot. For a second I thought it was from Varunrunrunrunrunrunrunrun
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    To whoever made the pink wallpaper

    It's now my OPF cover photo

    Much love,

    Maruko xo
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