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Tenkuu Shinpan (High-Rise Invasion)

Discussion in 'Manga Series' started by Johannes, Aug 22, 2018.

  1. Johannes

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    Jul 22, 2018
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    Summary: High-school girl Yuri suddenly finds herself on the rooftop of a high-rise building. She's trapped in a bizarre world surrounded by skyscrapers, where a masked man cracked open a man's head with an axe before her eyes. The original author of "Ajin," Tsuina Miura works in collaboration with Takahiro Oba, the artist of "Box!", to bring you this thrilling skyscraper suspense!

    So haven't found a thread for this manga and just created one! Just want to share (for those who haven't read it) to everyone. I'm still at the early chapters of reading this manga! Hope you find interest with it.

    Manga Link!

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