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The Challenger of Destiny, chapter 5

Discussion in 'Writer's Corner' started by Dreamer, Aug 4, 2019.

  1. Dreamer

    Hopeful and curious for the new year
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    Jun 23, 2018
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    The Challenger of Destiny

    Chapter 5

    Goldfish, the new ship of Honorary Pirates, had sailed in the Grand Line already a week towards the Reverse Mountain through which they would get to East Blue. But now the ship was anchored in the front of the certain island.

    Honorary Pirates had gone ashore on the island to wait their Log Pose to set the course to the next island. Before crew members had gone their own ways, Greate John had ordered them not to go far because they were going to continue their journey as soon as possible.

    Now John was sitting in the deck chair brought from the ship to the island’s beach while Nimes stood next to him.

    ”We have been here a hour already. Hasn’t Log Pose already set the course?” John asked from Nimes as he sipped his cold drink.

    ”No, John-sama,” Nimes said. ”Rafferty told that it may take hours or even days.”

    John sighed with bored tone. He placed the glass on the small table next to him, shifted himself in his chair and closed his eyes.

    John didn’t have time to relax when suddenly couple of his men came to him.

    ”Captain,” one of men said. ”We have found ruins in this island.”

    ”So what?” John asked with no interest.

    ”There may be treasures,” another man pointed out.

    After hearing this, John rose up. ”Are you sure?” he asked from men. Their funds had decreased notably after Titan Pegasos was stolen and they must had bought Goldfish. John had no interest to waste his time on false rumors.

    ”Of course,” another man said. ”For what else those ruins would had been built if not to conserve treasures?”

    This was enough to convince John. He stood up and ordered: ”Get some of your crew mates here! We are going to treasure hunting!”


    Soon John, Nimes and five men arrived at the ruins with necessary items. After entering John gave an evaluative gaze at walls in spite of the fact that he knew about ancient cultures as little as camel would know about sailing.

    ”J-John-sama...” Nimes said hestitately. ”Are you sure this is a good idea? I’m sure here is traps.”

    ”Don’t be stupid, Nimes,” John said in belittling manner. ”Even if here’s traps, I’m sure that they have already worn out.”

    Just when John had said this, he stepped on the switch on the floor. They only heard TWHAP and John noticed that his hat was gone. Everybody turned to stare at the wall where their captain’s hat was pierced by an old iron spear.

    For a moment nobody said anything. Then one of men walked cautiously to the wall and removed the spear from the wall. He took John’s hat from the spear and gave the headwear back to his captain.

    ”Watch your steps,” John said as he took back his hat and put it on his head.


    John and his men were walking in line down the hallways of ruins. Rich, a tall and muscular man who worked as Kennard’s assistant, was walking first due to his captain’s order. After him came John, Nimes and rest of men.

    ”I wonder who had built this place?” Rich wondered aloud as he illuminated walls with his lantern.

    ”It doesn’t matter. Only family trees of high-ranking families and ancient treasures are important. Other parts of history are pointless,” John said.

    Suddenly the man who had been walking last in line stopped and said quietly to his crew mate who had walked in front of him: ”Hey, check this out.”

    His crew mate stopped to turn around. The last man studied a medium-sized statue that depicted a woman carrying a jar.

    ”It doesn’t seem valuable,” another men stated.

    ”But some history maniac may pay for it. Help me lift it up,” the last man said.

    Another man shrugged and both of them knelt next to the statue in order to slip theirs hands under it. But before they even have time to try lift the statue, somebody hitted them from behind.


    ”Captain! Two of our men have disappeared!” exclaimed the man who was now walking the last in line. Everybody stopped and turned to look only to notice that their group really was missing two men.

    ”Those idiots!” John exclaimed. ”I told them watch where they step, so they wouldn’t activate any traps.”

    Unnoticed by them, a hand appeared from the wall and pressed a switch on the floor. Then a trap door opened under the man who had been walking behind Nimes, causing him fall into darkness. Others couldn’t do anything else but stare with shocked expressions as the trap door closed.

    ”Well, now he activated a trap as well,” John said finally and turned back to the direction they were going earlier. ”Let’s continue searching treasures,” John said without caring about worried expressions of his crew members.


    They continued searching treasures for some time but they didn’t find anything. Instead they activated more traps and they had to dodge arrows, spears, blades and trap doors. In addition the fourth men had disappeared after he had fell into the hole when the wall he had been leaning on had turned around.

    ”Enough!” John shouted. ”We have been here who knows how long already but we haven’t found anything enough valuable!”

    John walked to the wall and kicked it in frustration. Unfortunately he activated an another trap which caused the wall fell on him.

    ”J-John-sama!” Nimes gasped and rushed with Rich to help their captain from under the pieces of the wall.

    ”We aren’t going to stay here any longer...” John said darkly when Nimes and Rich helped him stand up. ”We will leave immediately!”

    Without saying anything else, John walked towards the entrance, his fine clothes dusty and somewhat torn, as Nimes followed him. Rich glanced around a little bit before he followed them.


    Just when John, Nimes and Rich had got out, one man from their crew came to them.

    ”Captain, Log Pose had registered the direction to the next island. We are ready to leave anytime,” man told.

    ”Good. We can leave this island now,” John said as he began to walk to that direction where the man had come.

    ”Hold on, captain!” Rich exclaimed. ”How about our crew mates? Aren’t we going to go search them?”

    ”We must leave when Log Pose still has the direction,” John said. ”And I really want to leave this island already.”

    ”Captain! They may be lost and hurt! Are you really going to leave them here?” Rich demanded.

    ”They are adult men. They don’t need babysitter,” John said with annoyed tone. ”But I’m sure that somebody will sail past this island.”

    ”Don’t you have any sense of responsibility?!” Rich shouted. ”It’s captain’s duty to take care of his crew!”

    ”Don’t you tell me what’s captain’s duty!” John shouted as he turned to face Rich. ”I will dismiss you for that!”

    ”Fine with me! I leave gladly. I don’t want to serve captain who doesn’t care about his crew,” Rich informed and turned away to walk in the direction towards ruins.

    John stared speechlessly after him for a moment before he turned and made his way to that direction where Goldfish wan anchored. Nimes and another man followed their captain quietly.


    Soon Golfish had sailed some distance away from the island but John was still in bad mood.

    ”Can’t we sail any faster?” John asked grimly from Prosper.

    Prosper shook his head. ”We don’t have enough wind. That’s why our speed is what it is.”

    ”I want to get away from that island and its useless ruins as soon as possible!” John sighed frustratedly. ”Maybe we should shoot those ruins to smithereens.”

    Suddenly men began to scream and both John and Prosper turned their attention to what had caused commotion.

    Countless pairs of arms had appeared from the deck and rails and they have began to load cannons while crew members just stood there and stared. Then arms turned cannons and pointed them upwards as other hands lit matches. John understood too late what was happening.

    ”Stop-” John began but his orders disappeared in booming sound of shooting cannons.

    Cannonballs flew upward and they tore sails apart and almost broke the mast!

    First anybody wasn’t able to say anything for their shock while arms just disappeared with few flower petals. But then John got over his shock and he shouted: ”It’s a curse! Those cursed ruins were cursed! If we stay here any longer, it will surely get worse!”

    ”But captain...” Rafferty said as he stared at the torn sails, ”we can’t move.”

    ”Get the oars!” John ordered. ”We must row the ship away from that island! Hurry up!”

    Couple of men rushed to the hold to get oars. After bringing them to the deck, they were shared to other crew members and they began row cumbersomely.

    ”Our speed is still quite slow, John-sama,” Nimes stated.

    John turned to face his servant and hissed: ”Then what are you waiting for? Grab the oar and go to row!”

    Nimes jaw dropped. ”Row? Me?”

    ”Of course!” John shouted and pointed at the single oar that lied on the deck. ”Get started! Now!”

    Nimes stared speechlessly at his master for a moment but then his shoulders slumped. He took the oar with dispirited expression, walked to the rail and began to row clumsily. However, ship’s speed didn’t increase greatly and John let out his frustration by shouting his men to row faster and that their payment would decrease if they won’t do their job properly.


    Meanwhile in the island a black haired woman sat on the rock and followed the situation with amusement. She thought to herself if she should punish those pirates little bit more when suddenly she heard something from the bag next to her.

    Woman took the ringing Den Den Mushi from the bag and answered calmly: ”Yes?”

    ”It’s me, Miss All Sunday,” low voice was heard via Den Den Mushi.

    ”What it is, Mr. 0?” Nico Robin, also known as Miss All Sunday, asked. ”You should know that I’m on vacation.”

    ”I know,” Crocodile, also known as Mr. 0, said. ”But you are needed in the HQ. Return here. And don’t procrastinate.”

    ”Understood,” Robin answered before Den Den Mushi fell silent as a signal of the end of the call. She put the snail back into the bag and placed the bag over her shoulder as she stood up. When she walked towards that part of the island where she had left her boat, she walked past Rich and other men left by John who were laying unconsciously on the ground.


    Later, when Honorary Pirates have far enough from the island in John’s opinion, crew members began fix destruction caused by cannons. Kennard and other two men began to repair the mast while others, including Nimes, sewed sails intact.

    When repairs had made, John gave orders to his men and went to his cabin to sleep, saying that he needed to rest after having such a mentally and physically hard day.

    To be continue…


    I just want to tell you guys that I’m going to have a break with this story. I haven’t figured yet what kind of plot the next chapter would have and there’s an another of my story that’s in-progress. I would like to finish that story before I continue this. Thank you for reading this.
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  2. Marco Polo

    Administrator Member of the Year 2018
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    Dec 8, 2015
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    Could Mr. 0 be planning to ambush MY Future Pirate King? How dare he.

    Another story? Do share...
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  3. Kia

    “Don’t try to find a reason for somebody’s love.”
    Supernova Member of the Year 2019
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    Jul 23, 2018
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    Nobody besmirches historical artifacts and gets away with it when Robin is around! Ugh John is so unscrupulous—just the kind of guy that Luffy would love to punch out. It’s no wonder that he’s getting into conflicts with so many of the future crew mates in one way or another.
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  4. Dreamer

    Hopeful and curious for the new year
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    Jun 23, 2018
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    Crocodile hasn't any interest to ambush Honorary Pirates. He has read about them from newspaper but he believes that they have no chance to survive and therefore Crocodile doesn't even bother to think of them.

    It isn't One Piece story. It's Slayer story I started a couple of years ago.

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