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The Grinomicon

Discussion in 'Writer's Corner' started by Grin, Sep 16, 2016.

  1. Grin

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    Nov 15, 2015
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    #1 Grin, Sep 16, 2016
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    ...or how I stopped being an asshole and made a table of contents for my stories. It's a master list of sorts, and should help you find whatever you're looking for.


    The Formpeace Xmas Story
    There was a girl and her cat, and one cold morning they had a package to deliver. What did they meet on a journey through inside jokes, caricatures of forum users and lazy writing? A classic from my Forumpiece days, now with OPF users! (Note: every chapter has a link to the next and previous one)
    Begin the journey!

    The Formpeace New Year Story
    Honest to goodness sequel to Xmas Story!
    Let's go!

    The Formpeace Superhero Story
    A sequel to Xmas Story! Major spoilers for the Xmas story finale in the spoiler tag!

    After saving the world from a cruel goddess with the power of literature tropes, Green and Yum have another problem: Magic has disappeared from the world! But when mysterious beings calling themselves the Holy Virtues appear, Green cannot shake the feeling that something has gone wrong again...

    (Cancelled due to me losing all the progress on it with my old laptop.)

    In Beholder's Eye
    A story about an elf, her pet canidrayk (half dog, half dragon!) and the people she meets on a hunt for treasure from the cursed dungeon: Beholder's Tomb! This one is played by ear!



    A kingdom is thrust into chaos by a mysterious killer stalking those loyal to the throne in the night. He is a hooded figure who leaves behind fresh roses on his victims. But not all is as it seems, and no legends are born without sacrifices...

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Varun died or something and Aporia was never updated again, so I wrote a substitute for it. It's called Bporia.


    One Piece fics:

    The End of OP
    The story where I tried to create the ultimate One Piece villain! It's totally legit!

    Part 1

    Part 2

    New Year Special

    The Ballad of Captain Buggy D. Clown
    A story about Buggy and what I don't like about shonen anime, taken to the extreeeeme! If you are a serious person or love One Piece, you will not like this story.

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Scientifically Accurate Kizaru!
    A story where I tried to be funny. They didn't let me try anymore after this one...

    All the parts

    Usopp's Experiment
    A fanfic about my favorite character, Usopp! No wonder it's my best story!


    Fistful of Berry
    A mink, a long leg human and an eel fishman walk into a bar. And then they go find the One Piece.

    Part 1

    Straw...what Pirates?
    A collection of stories where each strawhat's life goes terribly wrong.



    I'll be there

    Icy Blue

    Warm Orange

    Goodbye Pink

    Pretty in Pink

    Stuff to annoy @Phantom with:

    The Phantom of the OPF

    Music of the Night

    I saw Red


    The Coder and the Muse

    1000 points

    Aporia stuff:

    Aporia Wiki

    Aporia Lite

    Aporia Girls

    New stuff:

    When the ticking stops

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