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The world of My hero academia is doomed

Discussion in 'Boku no Hero Academia' started by James geraghty, Jul 23, 2018.

  1. James geraghty

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    Jun 13, 2018
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    it has been stated that each generation of quirks in MHA gets slightly stronger than the previous generation this is further proven in the manga when some of the characters have to teach children proper manners and to calm them down and it is shown that the children quirks were incredibly strong. If this is true then eventually the powers will reach a level of world ending power.
    This is especially true for all for one which builds up stronger and stronger from each user. All might even said he purposely holds back his powers as he could destroy the local area just by jumping.

    It will only be a matter of time till the power builds up to the point where it becomes harder and harder to hold back.
    So it might not be in the near future it could be a 100 years or a thousand I’m sure someone who is good at maths could come up with an estimate of how long it would take but it will happen.

    Things will build up. 1 plus 1 is 2 but keep adding and eventually you will get to a billion.
    If all might could destroy the surroding area just by jumping at 100% power and was the 7th holder of the power imagine what the 14th or the 21st holder would be able to do.
  2. Booker

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    Jul 5, 2013
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    First of all: yes?
    This is common knowledge stated like this in the manga itself. Barely worth a thread, in this matter and form.

    Second of all, questionable if it is true at all.
    First of all, quirks aren't simply getting stronger. They are mixing with other quirks over and over again, creating hybrids (Shouto being a prime example for this), moving towards a theorized quirk singularity (a point where every person has the same quirk that has all abilities, assuming singularity is used in the way it is used in other fields). Their power increase comes in the form of hybrid vigor, that doesn't necessarily increases raw destructive power, but the potential power that comes with a quirk that has a variety of different abilities to use.
    A stronger quirk doesn't equal a more destructive quirk due to physical strength after all.
    Stain's quirk was extremely strong, while not having any physical strength, going as a really good example. Same goes for Ereaser's. Strength is relative and the term can be applied in many ways.

    Furthermore does this also mean that the defensive and neutral quirks are getting stronger, too, potentially being able to deal with the new, strong offensive quirks.
    Add to that an obvious shift in society where older people teach the younger people how to deal with their quirksm, as a prevention measure to ensure that the children learn to deal with their quirks instead of running around and just wrecking stuff; seems like a logical thing to do after all. I would't wanna have my stuff destroyed by a child not controlling their quirk, so I just start doing something about it. Similiar to what happens at UA, but except for it being a literal hero school does it become like a lesson at normal schools, too.
    Even if the quirks of the children are superior to that of their adults (and grandparents) generation, a trained quirk of the older generation is going to be superior to an untrained one of the new generation. So creating a controlled environment for the children to learn how to control their quirks and being able to restrict and supress them, if necessary, can easily be created.
    This would be a logical step to take in a society that knows what quirks are, knows where they are heading (powerwise) and knows what that means in the long run. They would't just take a seat and watch how the world destroys itself. It would mean a big change in society, but taking something like this seems likely, if literally everything is at stake. Not to mention that a progenitor of that system is already existing with the hero school system.

    One for All is a special exception in this case.
    While powerful does it have an extreme draw back if one can not control it.
    If passed down for so long and ends up in the hands of someone who doesn't receive training to control it, then the person will most likely just kill themself, while using it accidentally with full power, due to not being able to handle the strain it puts on the body after accumulating for so many generations. Thus ending the quirk there and then as it can't get passed down anymore. Might create some casualties, but nothing world ending either.
    So it is either controlled and trained like the others or it vanishes.

    For people turning villain later on.
    Society should either recognize that they can't let that happen and find a way to treat everyone fair, so that no one needs to take the evil path or they outright start killing every potential threat there is to ensure survival of the majority.

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