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Top 10 Highest Yonkou Commanders Bounties In One Piece-Chapter 912+

Discussion in 'One Piece Theories' started by VastTrip, Jul 31, 2018.

  1. VastTrip

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    Jul 30, 2018
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    #1 VastTrip, Jul 31, 2018
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    I am a big One Piece fan and i wanted to express my opinions on different predictions/theories differently so i thought i would try doing youtube videos
    Its the first time i tried something like this so if i could get some feedback and support it would be amazing
    I want to interact with people and exchange ideas and theories
    i upload daily but its hard to get feedback to see what i am doing wrong.
    Like and Subscribe if you like it
    It would mean alot
  2. Kia

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    Jul 23, 2018
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    It was a colorful presentation indeed. Thanks for the time. You might want to do some spell/word check on it to catch a few errors though. It'll up the quality. Also, since it's been a while, you can update it with information from the most recent vivre card databook, if available for relevant characters (I don't recall off the top of my head). Why do you think Queen uses wind and King uses fire? What makes you think that Beckman has observation haki? I'm not trying to nitpick... just make conversation and flesh out your theory, I'm curious. ^_^

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