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Wano Arc Predictions

Discussion in 'One Piece Manga' started by Badre-san, May 8, 2018.

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    • Chapter 1 -10 Of Wano

    [ Reverie ends and the Chapter resumes to the Luffy rescue team]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The Strawhat Rescue team will arrive towards wano with the Vivre card they have , from the others before they set Sail from Zou. We already know their pretty beat up after taking on a Yonko and barely surviving. What's gonna be Key here is how they enter wano a fierce land owned by Kaido The beast. Luffy will be out cold after battling Katakuri , and some others like carrot and sanji barely holding with the fatigue and stress from Wholecake island. So I believe it will be a combo of Nami and Jinbe guiding the ship in the lands of Dangerous territory. I think the first chapter will be more slowed and chilled entering wano or reaching the island rather than getting to meet up with the others right then - since Reverie will probably be already heated enough.

    Chapter 2 will probably consist of everyone waking up and start finding their way on the island to meet with Both the other Strawhats and their alliance with the minks. From their I think things will have a twist in itself, and by the end of chapter 2 may end as a cliffhanger. It will probably be some kind of battle or emergency on the island and the Strawhat Rescue team will try navigating past that to find their teammates rather not perfect shape of chapter 3. By Chapter 6 of Wano they will have meet up safely just enough and begin to think of a plan to beat Kaido. Marco also will probably be with the team and tell his gratitude to Strawhat for Trying to Save his fellow Comrade Ace. As for Law , Robin, zoro , and the others probably have gained enough knowledge to know what Kaido is capable of or may know a weak point to Kaido.

    So by Chapter 8 they are ready to rage war against kaido , however this is when the Supernovas Show up and possibly Capone ( Bege) as well. So For the next two chapters they probably will have some bickering but ultimately they will realize they need each other to take down Kaido and that when everything goes Crazy Haywire.

    Jack will show up after a bunch of beating from the days of him at Zou, and he will be enraged at the Minks for protecting Raizo. Zoro may swoop in to stall for time while others go ahead with their plan to beat Kaido.

    • Chapter 11 -30

    The Land will probably already be in Chaos with the Shogun invloved, but I think what's key here Is Kinemon, momo , and Raizo will help their alliance get through their Home Country. Kinemon will Start to unfold on his secrets and the Shogun too. Kaido at this time is preparing for battle as he maybe alerted of the invasion of The Kaido take down alliance. Then X drake and kidd will get some scenes on their current status, and maybe some possible betrayals. In my opinion, I think apoo will be the more troublesome Supernova as too maybe he is already sided with kaido. X drake however will most likely be loyal to the end, but I'm sure he won't be the biggest Baddest boss of the crew.

    By Chapter 20 of wano this is where they will introduce one of the commanders on the island (excluding jack). Back to the Alliance , I believe this is where they will discuss the other important factor as to " Pirate King Status"

    Road Poneglif Plan

    While I do think Zoro , Robin, Ussop, Franky, and law make a good team ; I do not think they will already have gotten to read the Red Stone Poneglif or Road Poneglifs Kaido has. This is where 20-30 Chapters of wano will set in motion to get there hands on The Rubbings or getting to Read the Poneglifs. Now I would theorize Brook will be back at it again , this time helping Robin reading them along with the other Rubbings of the Poneglifs. And the others may have their eyes set to take down the big guys like The Commanders and Kaido himself.

    By the end of Chapter 30 , it will be another Change in Course, one Commander will be sent on his way to fight off the Alliance.

    This is where I think it's possible Sanji will get his Hardest but most Shinning battle he has ever had so far. Sanji will tell the others "Go on ahead without me , you need to take down Kaido , so leave it to me "

    • Chapter 31 - 50 Of Wano : Shogun & Kaido

    By Chapter 31 - 34 , The Poneglif team will separate and reach their course to either read them or Get the Rubbings of it. Then by Chapter 35 Another commander will come out and startle the group ; however, Shogun will also appear and they won't be friendly. The Shoguns under Kaido' s Rule will be conflicted to that Kaido will win, and follow him or take death as punishment. As in the Japanese tradition , if you didn't uphold your Duty and Honor as a warrior , so death was your punishment.( Which they stabbed themselves with swords and died.)

    I do think we will Find some Shogun Allies of Raizo and Kinemon , but again majority will be conflicted to defend their land despite hating Kaido on the inside. Like how Sanji was conflicted to Stay on Big mom's Side. We also may see some Flashbacks with Both Shogun, Kinemon , momo, and Raizo.

    This Could be Luffy's Mini Boss fight before kaido , showing off his improvement from Wholcecake island, while the Mink Alliance deals with the Shogun. Marco and the other Supernovas might jump the gun and Go ahead after kaido , and the other crew members will be staying to Support luffy and the Minks fighting the Shogun.

    Somewhere in the 40s Will Resume with Zoro Vs Jack , seeing that they too are on a endless battle of action. There may be some flashbacks of Mihawk and sword related flashbacks of how to face off against super strong enemies, but i dont think we will learn anything about Zoro as an oprhan and why.

    And along with Sanji Vs The 2nd Commander. This portion will probably focus more on Zoro and Luffy. For one luffy will probably Knock out a Commander in the Late 40s - 50s. With Zoro and Sanji battling it on past that.

    • Chapter 51 - 60 Of Wano : Kaido Appears

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Somewhere in the 50 Chapters of Wano, Kaido will finally appear heading towards the Supernovas with maybe his army. Supernovas will have their hands full with his army before Kaido, and so that battle will occur first. Any by towards the 60s The Shoguns will be either defeated , or convinced The Alliance will save them from despair of Kaido. This is Where Momo and Kinemon can be very Major Key elements to the Story of wano , where they will enourge them to not Give up or give a Speech Luffy will beat Kaido along his Alliances.

    And to Resume with The Poneglif Team , they will encounter their fights on their way to get The Poneglif Rubbings. Here it will probably last from 60 - 70 Chapters of Wano.

    • Chapter 60 - 80s Of wano : Set- Up Climax

    Both Zoro & Sanji will have their hands full with their Fights for a very long time, and won't Show up to Kaido Front Battle until the Ending section of the fight. In Between 60s and 80s , this is where the Poneglifs will be the main issue, and they will succeed in getting the Rubbings of the Poneglifs. As For Luffy and the others, they will have reached Kaido' s main front by the end of of the 70s to 80 Chapters Of wano.

    • Chapter 81- 90 : The Battle against a Yonko

    The Minks, Marco ( and maybe his crew), Luffy and the other Strawhats that stayed with Luffy, and Kinemon and his Shogun Allies will show up at the Suprnovas Vs Kaido's Enraged army. This is Where they will battle it out to make to Kaido. As For the Poneglif team, they will slowly make their way to the main section of the battle to help out as well. The Top Supernovas Like Law, Luffy, and Kidd ( who in earlier portion probably got released by Allies), will go straight to fight the Yonko Himself : Kaido the beast.

    And we will see some progress with the Sanji and Zoro fights.

    • Chapter 90 - 100 Of Wano : The Fearsome Beast

    During this portion , I belive the team will Find a way past the Super tough enemies and make the Kadio Pirates Fall. This will now be onto the other Strawhats Shinning portion. Franky, Ussop, Jinbe , Nami , as well as the others, will Find a one on one fight match for improving their Skills or showing new Techniques in the story. Then Luffy and the other Suprnovas begin trying to land Damaging Blows onto to Kaido to find out it doesn't work. Then we will get a Flashback or maybe in Battle Strategy against how to attack the Weak Spot off Kaido. Will be it be a Harder punch? Or will it be Devil fruit ability? It's anyone's guess, but I will now start to theorize on the main battle [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    The next Section will contain the final Portion of my prediction, and Pre setup to Kaido's Defeat.

    • Chapter 100 + Of Wano :

    The Battle that Seems Hopeless [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Zoro Is reaching his peak of strength with Jack the drought , and Sanji is hardly pulling through his fight as well. The First set 100s Chapters will probably focus on Zoro and Sanji going passed their limits, and using Advanced Haki to beat The Un Killable Beasts. But at Some point Zoro and Sanji will succeed in the most amazing way possible, and they will have just enough strength to catch up with the other Teams.

    This is where then the Strawhat fights start finishing along with The other Alliances members except the Supernovas and Marco.

    Marco will take a crack at kaido and help the Supernovas as they begin to try to Hurt Kaido. They will go on for awhile , until Kaido takes enough blows to change up his Battle Routine. Kaido sees his men falling down one after another , and gets upset like never before. This is where if he has a devil fruit or another form, he will use it to make it Even Harder for The Alliance to win. Kaido will go on about " You don't know who your messing with brats, do you think I a Yonko , could fall to the likes of you? Rubbish, men tried killing me and even I had tried and it all failed. Don't get your Heads high here, I'm the Strongest Beast in the world. I will now show you the end of your Journey".

    My prediction is Kaido has some sort of Flying Type devil fruit, which would explain how he got up by himself on a sky island to try suicide jumping. And the Transformation shocks everyone , and the Supernovas are in for it. By this time X Drake and Apoo have still made it without losing, and one of them will betray kaido, another fuel to his Anger. The other will probably try Replicating Trebol at dressrosa , sticking around defending his King. That's where that one Possibly X drake will fight someone like Jinbe or maybe Kinemon. And the Supernovas Begin to try attacking Kaido , but with the new Transformation that can't even locate his weak spot anymore. And on top of that Kaido is much stronger in that form than before, making the odds less than 40% of beating him. Then Zoro and Sanji will arrive to the battle field where Kaido is Recking the Supernovas.

    They perhaps may join in as well, if they have the strength too, but the odds only Boost up by 1%. In all directions , everyone's tattics begin falling apart, and some supernovas might even get knocked out. This also could lead to our First Supernova Death. Or at least in the new world section after Fishman island. Killer and Hawkins will try despite the Grim situation and to find out maybe there's hope or not. At the rate of the battle many try and try , and Luffy throughout this is studying while fighting. But the battle is just so Bad they don't know what to do. And then by this time the Strawhat Grand Fleet arrives, to give their support and bringing the Supernovas back on their feet to try again. Law will probably make an estimation on what's occurred, and the potential reason why the attacks stop working. Here Law as a doctor will come up with a Brand New Plan and strategy, on how to hit kaido where he needs to be hit. Luffy will probably already start to get the picture and learn how to teamwork with the Allies , and so they try the new plan while some may disagree. From here they will succeed some way in hurting kaido again, and put him into his Awakening or other set of forms of the Devil fruit he has. Supernovas will rage back and forth getting stomped and landing blows here and their.

    From here The weaker Supernovas won't be able to keep up and will fall down, and then possibly more Beast Pirates will arrive to take on the Mega Alliance. It will get even more intense and worsen the Grim Situation, and leaving everyone with the lowest chance of survival. Luffy will probably be using his gear 4s at this time now , to try and hit Kaido as a distraction or to soften up his skin for Law and the others to hit a Vital Point. But even then the Vital blows aren't enough to beat Kaido and it's now Kaido who is finishing the Battle. Everyone is losing hope and strength, and leaving it down to X drake to potentiality be the last higher officer to be knocked out. With that , Kaido enrages and begins truly destroying Wano. While Wano may not be destroyed all over, the battlefield will look worse than the worst Island that's ever received destroying entirely. The strawhats will be on a straw like the others, and Luffy will continue to get up trying to take on Kaido.

    Kaido : " Its not enough? Fine, I'll kill you along with your crew "

    This will enrage luffy, but in the end it doesn't help at all, instead making it worse since his Focus is no longer well balanced. Some of the other supernovas will try with Luffy and find their ends short. And the entire alliance will be on brittle legs, some not able to stand , and others just enough to stand and watch. Luffy will kick out of his gear 4th ; fatigued, exhausted, beated up badly , and so on. The next seconds are like A Countdown to the end , and Luffy tries making sense of things. His nakama and allies are all in bad shape.

    Luffy " Dammit why can't we win? None of my gears are doing anything. How can someone be this strong, it's like he's not even close to falling? ."

    This is where I Predict Luffy will move onto his next Gear. It could still be Gear 4th or maybe gear 5th, but this gear will be related to awakening or awakening itself. He will remember a few Villian's words and goes back to the drawing board. Law at this point is still trying to fight along with the rest of the Supernovas and Grand Fleet still conscious.

    Luffy will get back up with dark eyes showing, and says something like " This is it. We are taking you down now. Belive me, the one who'll become King and win in the end , is none other .....Than me". Kaido will get pissed, and Luffy enters his next Gear. The odds now increase higher and Luffy can do just enough to manage Blows to Kaido, but this isn't sure victory. The rest of the Supernovas along with the Grand Fleet , will see how amazing Luffy is despite the Shattered hopes of winning, and get up and try one final round.

    The Final round will be Importantly on that one weak spot, and trying out Luffys Awakening to an advantage. And Over that stage , they will get closer to sure victory, with the Help of teamwork and Luffy' S determination they finally put kaido at odds of losing.

    Hope You enjoyed My Prediction of The events in Wano, (:
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    Wow that's a huge article, nicely written .

    Good job. I enjoyed reading it .
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