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Wano created the world culturally

Discussion in 'One Piece Theories' started by James geraghty, Jul 3, 2018.

  1. James geraghty

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    Jun 13, 2018
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    This will be long so you can skip down to where you see the picture of the marine ford

    there is something I noticed, wano has a very similar culture to the rest of the world.
    We only saw a bit of the country last week and I think this has a reason to do to how the world formed culturally.
    Now obvious the reason why wano and the rest of the world are so similar is because one piece is a Japanese manga series so of course we would see Japanese culture everywhere and it isn’t a complex series where each country will speak another language.
    But it is weird that a country that cut itself off from the rest of the world speaks the same language and has so many cultural similarities.

    Here we see luffy and his brothers clashing sake cups forming a brotherhood.
    I couldn’t really find this tradition on the net as I’m not really sure what it is called but I did find a page saying that when members of the yakuza enhance sake cups they are confirming their brotherhood.

    Zoro also mainly wears a kimono robe since the ts which is also seen in Wano culture.

    Now the names are all Japanese obvious like sanji name translates to 3rd son.
    Now in wano oda made a point to really hammer in the old traditional names as every member of the crew took on names that were similar to their real names but had a more Japanese theme to them.

    Now my point is that everything we see here is Japanese culture and the series is Japanese so it is hard to say they are connected because that is like us saying Star Wars takes place in a world where England colonised space as most actors speak with English accents and have other western cultural aspects.
    Also a bit japanes as Vader and the Jedi are based off samurai.

    But oda is specifically making wano the Japan of this world just like alabasta was the Egypt and dress Rosa was the Spain of this world, elbalf will be based off of Norse culture as well we know this.



    But look at these buildings the 1st was marineford hg during the war the second is wano from ch 909 notice how similar these designs are.

    Now what if there is a reason for all this.

    Wano is known as the country with the clan that created the poneglyps so they are connected to the ancient kingdom and the void century.

    Now my guess is wano was one of the major players in creating the world of one piece as a culture.

    I don’t think wano is the ancient kingdom itself but was possibly once part of it or could have been one of the more major players in the 20 founding fathers or whatever they are called.

    In the wg we know the celestial dragons are the descendents of these founding father or kings whatever and 19 of them left their homes to move to the holy land on top of the red line the king of alabasta was the one who stayed in his home land.
    So this meant new rulers had to take over these kingdoms maybe it was the next in line like the kings brothers or their cousins or some random Nobel family.

    This is one of the goresi ( still haven’t discovered their names so let’s just refer him as The samurai one )

    In this image we see all of them and the samurai one is the only one who is dressed differently. Well the blond one isnt wearing a tie and has his shirt opened at the ttop and the one with the cane has a hat but that’s it, but generally they are are dressed in suits while the samurai one is dressed in a kimono and has a katana.

    My guess is now that they are confirmed celestial dragons, he is the decendent of the wano king who formed the wg.

    Anyway my guess is wano helped create the world, it formed the language and most of the culture so even though other countries have their own cultures they all still have Japanese traditions in them which in this world is connected to wano.

    I think wano at one point provided the world all of this cultural advancement and helped form the world as one which is why every speaks the same as well.

    Now at one point wano became an enemy state. Either wano was allied to the ancient kingdom or was a state of the kingdom like how America works.

    In this case wano simply was strong enough to survive and lasted this long. They might have forgotten their history though or also likely wano was once another country and after this Great War in the void century wano was destroyed and reformed into a new country that is now wano which has happened in the real world many times.


    Wano was part of the wg and at one point the king of wano decided to separate from the wg and became an emperor, the wg retaliated but wano was able to defend itself to the point where the wg said “ screw it, this isn’t worth it just let them be”

    Now like I said this is a Japanese serious so of course they are going to all be similar in culture and that is likely the case but I am saying oda could very well write it that wano was the country that formed the world socially and is the reason why everyone have similar traits.

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  2. Seiryu

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    Mar 17, 2016
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    There are definitely ties between many key events, but Oda provided clarification indirectly. The original Tenryuubito are the original 20 countries that won defeated the Ancient Kingdom. The only family that is not a Tenryuubito, is the Nefetarri family. Even though we have not been introduced to all 19 families, context implies Wano Kuni's independence for a long time. They obviously have the money to participate as an official country in the Government, but they chose to be independent since their inception and stuck to their own political system (Shogunate system and independence both mirror real life Japan). Although technically possible, I will fully acknowledge that the true shogunate system has an emperor/empress as the figurehead (this would be the Japanese inspired Gorosei). However, this completely deviates from the normal pattern of "figurehead" leaders. Most royals and Tenryuubito are all weaklings (some exceptions obviously). The Gorosei are over-sized humans, so they were powerhouses in their prime and just like Rayleigh still have a majority of their capabilities in their old age.

    The biggest thing to clarify is that the Kozuki clan alone is who had ties to the Ancient Kingdom. Wano Kuni as a whole obviously does not (the lack of futuristic technology). Context applies the Ancient Kingdom sought out artisans for the poneglyphs and they provided the "technology" to create the poneglyphs (the Kozuki clan was probably told how to create the mix for the indestructible blocks and chisels to properly inscribe them). We will definitely get answers on this in the second half of the Wano Kuni arc since we will get to see more on Oden (the last one to know the above secrets).
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  3. Rexraptor

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    Mar 3, 2018
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    I would tell
    " A creator deity or creator god (often called the Creator) is a deity or god responsible for the creation of the Earth, world, and universe in human mythology. In monotheism, the single God is often also the creator. "

    Ha Ha just Jokin' well According to Oda Sensie's indirect clues left behind tells us that there might be some Ancient Kingdom of other world ( there are 6 celestial bodies revolving around the One Piece World )and the Powerful Kings joined hands, defeated them and put up the World Government, Might Be...

    Thank You

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