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Whitebeard and kaido's Unfinished Rivalry"The Fall Of Wano" OP 912+Speculation

Discussion in 'One Piece Theories' started by Man Of Theory, Aug 1, 2018.


Did whitebesrd ever defeated kaido in a fight?

  1. yes

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  2. no

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  1. Man Of Theory

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    Feb 16, 2018
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    As the hype of wano kuni continues,I've been re-reading some past one piece chapters and came across an interesting speculation that will discuss WB and kaido's rival and it's connection to wano

    In One Piece manga chapter 795 and in One piece epsiode 739 during kaido's introduction we see that kaido was visibly upset that Whitebeard "managed to pull off dying" But why would kaido be upset if one of his greatest enemies died? I believe that kaido viewed Whitebeard as his strongest challenger and greatest rival that could match his strength to date.

    As we found out in chapter 909 that kaido and big mom was part of the legendary rox pirates. After the pirate crew disbanded its possibility that kaido went to his own path as a pirate as he conquered the seas while looking for the strongest people to fight to quench his uncontrollable hunger for battle to test his strength as he conquered the seas while looking for the strongest people to fight to quench his uncontrollable hunger for battle to test his strength.

    As we seen in one piece epsiode 350 we found out moria and kaido had a rivalry as both was equal in strength until kaido surpassed moria After that i believe Kaido's lust for fighting even stronger people increase as i believe he then set his sights on Whitebeard "The World's Strongest Man"

    During their rivalry i believe they had epic amazing battles that push the other to their limits and as we seen with the large x shaped mark on his right side i think it's possible it's from one of Whitebeard's attacks using the gura gura no mi and also during their rivalry i believe whitebeard was the ONLY person to defeat kaido and WB did it 7 times over the course of their long rivalry.

    But over the years as whitebeard got older their battles happen less frequently and this made kaido irrate as he realize whitebeard was on limited time and he plan on forcing whitebeard to fight him one more time by attacking Wano kuni place that had significant importance to Whitebeard because of the connections between Roger, Kozuki Clan, and the 3rd red polygraph which i believe was originally on wano kuni before kaido took it over.

    But as kaido and forces attack Wano to force WB to react,it was announce that ace was capture by the world government and sentence to death.

    This forced WB to make a painful decision where he had to choose between protecting a place with significant importance to him or saving one of his precious sons.

    I believe this will lead to us seeing the return of izo the 16th commander of WB crew and others in this arc as they will aid luffy and the strawhats as he attempt to save Wano as they knew the importance of this land to whitebeard.

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  2. Seiryu

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    Mar 17, 2016
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    With Kaidou's 19+ defeats, it only makes sense that at least one of them came at the hands of the previous strongest being in the world. It might have been more of a rivalry with Whitebeard's decline as he aged, but the story implies he never got a chance to get a true 1v1 against the declining Whitebeard.

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